Saturday, 14 January 2012

Under the weather.

To say I've been a little under the weather this week would be an under statement. I can honestly not remember the last time I ever felt this ill.

I am still managing to read your blogs but I just don't have the energy to leave comments right now. In fact it's taken me 3 days to write this post because I write a paragraph and I am so tired I go back to bed to sleep.

It started off Monday with a sickness bug. I was sent home from work and then the next day my tonsils had blown up, could barely speak and I was in agony on my left side. I decided to 'ride it out' until Wednesday when I had enough and went to my doctor, of which I fell asleep in the waiting room!

Tonsillitis my doctor told me (which I knew) because if it were medically safe to so I would rip my tonsils out right now. But yesterday he called to confirm I had glandular fever and that my spleen was enlarged (hence the left sided pain). I have been signed off work for a week. It may just be a pride thing for me but I have never been signed off work in my life. In fact, I had to ask him what it even meant!

I feel pretty miserable and next to my bed I am like a mini pharmacy with my pain killers, throat soothers, decongestants, antibiotics etc. I just keep popping pills and literally countdown to the next dose!

So at the moment all I do is sleep, struggle to eat, throw up my antibiotics because my stomach is so sensitive and just generally feel so lousy! I just keep telling myself that there are people even more ill in the world (and I want to nurse them, not me!)...but this just sucks. I just find the 4 walls of my bedroom boring and I just want to be well again.

But I do intend to do one thing whilst I navigate this "sick week". To try and get through as many episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S as possible. My boyfriend has 'dared' me if you like to try and get through as many episodes. Your on Simon! (I will introduce Simon to the blog soon, promise!)

So far during the 6 days I've been ill I've made it to Series 1 - episode 6. Still another 254 episodes to go. Better get cracking as long as I don't fall asleep! Hope your all okay friends.


Laura Anne said...

Oh Bec, glandular fever SUCKS. So sorry you've got it, and hope you have it over with quickly.

However, from someone who had it and continued pushing herself anyway, please make sure you are fully better before you go back to work. Because post-viral fatigue syndrome sucks even more...!

Kristen said...

Seriously you poor thing! It just sounds like one thing after another. Get better soon Becca.

Yes! I want to know everything about Simon!!!!!!!!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Hope you are feeling better?!! Oh can't wait to hear about Simon! :)

Brooke said...

Get better soon! I knew it was glandular fever from your first paragraph. I had it a few years back and I know how horrible it is! Just be careful when you are feeling better and still take it easy. The day I started feeling better I got off the couch and tried to load the dishwasher - even that was too much! Loving the name - Simon = )

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