Saturday, 31 December 2011

Reflecting on 2011

I think I am in the same boat as many who think this but WHERE has 2011 gone? It has flown by and now on the eve of 2012 I am about to reflect on this speedy year. Even though this year has passed by scarily quick it does seem only fitting to make my last post of 2011 about the year itself. I have based my reflective questions on the ones posed by Simple Mom in her blog!

1) What was the single best thing that happened this past year?
Personally for me it was going to New York. I had wanted to go there since I was little so it really was a dream come true. It made my 2011 complete!

2) What was the single most challenging thing that has happened?
I'd have to say work. 2011 was my first full year being a nurse and as much as I love it I have never been so frustrated and upset at times too! The NHS is a HUGE sector and I have had to care for some not so nice people and work alongside some right "idiots" too! Having the challenge of accepting that's what it will be like at times can be hard, especially as I am such a perfectionist!

3) What was an unexpected joy this year?
Most definitely my sister and her fiancĂ©e annoucning they're expecting my future niece/nephew next April! The whole family are still beyond thrilled and excited.

4) Pick 3 words to describe 2011.
Unexpected, adventurous and impulsive!

5) What were the most entertaining things you have seen/done this year?
Where do I start? Meeting Alf from Home and Away twice. Visiting Edinburgh and finally being able to climb Arthur's Seat (and meet Laura Anne!). Seeing the delights of Rome, Italy. I loved seeing Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Wicked, The Wizard of Oz & Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Having fish nibble at my feet in a day spa. Being on the radio for the first time! Hosting my first blog series. Pretending to hate Zumba but secretly loving it. Shall I stop now?

6) With whom were your most valuable relationships?
Probably with these guys. Tambra, Andy, Danny, James, Neale and Jay! There are times I could have killed them this year but we really are like glue and will always stick together. My relationship with my Mum also got stronger. I have never relied on her so much to look out for me this past year. She is one very special person!

7) What was the biggest single time waster of your life this year?
I don't think I have ever cried so much in 2011! So many tears wasted on people that don't matter now, on some mean patients that didn't care that I cared for them so much, on arguments that didn't need to happen. I could go on and on but I won't...the tears just weren't worth it!

8) What are you most proud of doing this past year?
I'd have to say graduation was such a highlight. All that hard work for 3 years and being recognised for it by getting my degree. I loved it and was very proud!

9) What was the most enjoyable aspect of this year for you?
When I think of 2011 NYC is high up there but I have to say the first thing I think of was the summer holiday I took with Tam and the lads to Spain! I really enjoyed every moment (even the Neale nearly getting arrested part). We still laugh about what went down during the 10 days in June and I really enjoy that!

10) How did you spend Christmas 2011?
I spent Christmas Eve with the family at home. Nicola, Robbie and bump came over for a take away and we watched Christmas films. I hadn't seen Nicola since NYC and she is certainly more pregnant! On Christmas day I worked an early shift and was able to finish at 2pm. I know a lot of people hate working Christmastime but I don't mind it at all. After all my patients didn't get to go home and I did. It certainly was something I was grateful for! Then I headed home for a Christmas meal with Mum, Dad, Rach, Phil, Gran, Aunty Lucy and Uncle Paul. We played board games and generally had a lot of fun!

11) What did you do in 2011 that you hadn't done before?
I was a lot more impulsive. I booked holidays I could have only ever dreamt of going on which has made 2012 a year to very much look forward to! Oh and I turned 22 years old =]

12) Finally your plans for 2012, what are you most looking forward to?
So so so much! I am most looking forward to being an Aunty in April!!! I am excited for Barcelona next month, California in March and going to Australia in November eekk!!!! I'm excited for London to host the 2012 summer Olympics too. Plus, after Australia I plan to start saving for my own place (but that can wait to 2013, see I am getting ahead of myself already!) As much as I enjoyed 2011, I cannot wait for 2012 to start. 

I have never been a fan of new years resolutions but there is something quite therapeutic about a new year dawning and having a fresh new calendar page to set upon. In whatever way 2011 has turned out for you I really hope it has been a good one. Also, if you like feel free to use these questions to reflect on 2011 before the turn of the clock tonight

See you in 2012 everyone!


Sheena said...

You have had a very exciting year and I have enjoyed hearing about your adventures.

Best wishes in 2012.

Starlight said...

It seems to me that you had a beautiful and very exciting 2011. I hope 2012 will be even better for you :)

Callie Nicole said...

I enjoyed reading about your 2011, Becca - and it sounds like you have alot of fun stuff planned for 2012!

Ashley said...


I loved reading about your 2011 and seeing your pictures! I've never seen anyone answer questions about the previous year like you did - love it! Hope 2012 is just as wonderful :)

<3 Ash

Mere said...

You've had a FABULOUS 2011! I loved reading your answers and cannot wait to see where 2012 takes you!!

Love, Mere

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