Thursday, 8 December 2011

Best Marriage Proposal Ever!

On my night shift the other day it got to 2am and a rare thing happened. Marian and I were SO bored. All the patients were asleep, stable and we actually were sat twiddling our thumbs. We had a cleaning list to do but we found You Tube instead. We were watching/ listening to videos quietly and we came across some funky marriage proposals that were just amazing! These girls that are proposed to are seriously the luckiest girls ever. 

The first one was Marian's favourite. I just LOVE the dancing! I'd seriously keep pinching myself to wake up if it happened to me. Have a peek (you need to spare 14 mins though!)

This was my favourite one. I am a true romantic at heart and this was head over heels to the moon and back romantic!!! 

Crazy huh? Whoever proposes to me have a lot of work cut out now I know that these videos exist haha! Which one do you like? Or share ones you have seen!


Holly said...

Love the second one, but I have to say that the first one freaked me out a bit.

I watched it awhile ago and thought the cray dancing flash mob was cool, but when it turned into an actual wedding RIGHT then, I was like "Oh no way!"

Call me unromantic, but I would HATE IT if someone did that to me! IMO, part of the fun of getting married is organising and planning that day, and that woman didn't get that.

Mind you, they looked happy, so maybe it's just me. *shrug*

Doria said...

AWe I dont have time for the 15 min one but the other one was soooo cute.. :) Im the same way, any proposals I get better be good :)

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