Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What I'm Loving Lately.

I have never been a lover of diets and crazy fads to stay fit and lose weight etc. In fact, fad diets, pills and weight loss adverts are in my top ten " let's moan about it" subjects haha. 

I have never been obsessed about my weight. I don't calorie count. I watch what I eat but I try to be good when eating. I don't weigh myself either, not because I hate them, but because I know that if my clothes feel to tight I need to lose a little. Anyone else measure by their waistline and not the weighing scales?

In saying that I seem to get myself into a rut every summer. You know when the bikinis come out and your going on holiday? Of course you want to look good. I want to look good! A lot of my friends say they tend to 'let themselves go' after Christmas and in winter. You know when it's warm and all you want to do is snuggle under a duvet and eat chocolate? (that does in fact sound amazing right now!)

I 'let myself go' every summer which to me is the worst time. I wish I knew what it is but I gorge, go out for more meals, eat more than I should on BBQ's and always find when it comes to getting my winter wardrobe out. It feels a tad too tight! It happens every.single.summer and I wish I could blame the sunshine but the UK doesn't get thaaaat many summer heat waves. But I am happier in the summer and when it is lighter outside. The longer the daylight hours the more hours I get to eat, seems only fair right? I wish!

So this winter I decided I need to lose those extra pounds. I go to the gym and do three 30 minute work outs a week which works perfectly for me. It's doesn't always go that way with my eating habits though. I eat more chocolate and biscuits than I care to admit sometimes.

My friend Angie at work told me about this website and phone app called 'My Fitness Pal' and at first I rolled my eyes. Another one of those "we can make you thinner in so many weeks' kinda thing. I wasn't interested. Then I started seeing Angie looking better and better as the weeks went by!

Maybe this thing does work? So I decided to try it out and this is what I am absolutely loving lately!!!!

It's simple. You input what you eat, drink and exercise daily. It works out the calories, fats, sugars, what you should be eating more and less of all for you. At first I kept forgetting to put my food in but if you make a habit of doing it at a set point in the day (I do mine before bed) you get into a routine. I want to not like this but it really does help!!!

It isn't so much the calorie counting and that for me. It has made me realise what pointless things I eat/drink that I don't need to!!! For example last week I ate 4 biscuits at work (not a lot right?) but when I put it into my fitness pal it worked out I could have eaten a whole box of grapes, 2 oranges and a cereal bar for the same amount of calories. It sounds obvious when you think about it but not when your reaching your hand for the biscuit tin. Plus, I don't feel like I am dieting or excluding food one bit. I quite enjoy it in a weird way!

I eat a lot better now. Of course I still eat chocolate (I'd be a freak not to!) but I am more aware of my eating habits. It's funny I had never heard of this app before but as soon as I started using it everyone was raving about it!!!

*pictures credited to my fitness pal.


Starlight said...

I've checked out this app and I totally liked it. Thanks for sharing :)

Doria said...

Ahhh don't even get me started... lolz. I've actually realized (thanks scales) that I've gained about 5 pounds in the last few months ::slams head on desk:: I'm a total weirdo when it comes to my weight. I think I may check out this site as well. I've started exercising every night with hopes this achy feeling will go away and I can trim down some pounds! Ive an ideal weight like a lot of other folks and well it's winter time, I tend to hog some food in the winter, it's so cold ya know. But Im making excuses. MMMMM Biscuits! Again, thanks for sharing.

Kristen said...

I have this and it rocks!

Ashley said...

Hey babe! I'm so glad you found this. I swear by this and I'm pretty sure that this was the main reason why I lost ten pounds. (I haven't checked it in forever, so that has probably changed, ha) but it gives you great habits about watching what you eat. And the good thing about it is that you can eat whatever you want, you just have to eat less of it. Ha - who would have ever would of guessed?

You can find me at ashz5187.

<3 Ash

Holly said...

I am about to go and look at this app. It looks like something I might like, actually! Thanks :)

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, that sounds cool - I'll have to check it out!

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