Wednesday, 30 November 2011

#Right to Strike.

In the UK over 2/3 of the country (who work) work in the public sector and yesterday those people were striking. The majority of nurses, fire fighters, teachers, social workers etc were on the streets enforcing their right to strike.

The reason? Is not to do with pay, like many strikes are. It is to do with our pensions. The government were newly formed in May 2010. We were told that that had to make a saving of £12 billion to sustain our future. I cannot speak for other public sector organisations. But I know for a fact that the government pledged to the NHS (our national health service) that they would leave our pensions alone.

Fast forward to November 2011 and this was all one big fat lie and to say I am angry is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

The government announced plans earlier this year and more clearly last night that public sector workers will have to work longer in order to keep our pensions. We will have to put more money into our pensions ourselves and that the government would TAX US MORE the more we put in. How that makes sense? let alone fair? still puzzles me! In fact I sat down with my Mum this afternoon and with the rate economy is going and the amount (I can just about afford) to put into my pension. I would have to work until I am 81!!!!!


I know I am naive to say this but when 2/3 of your country work within this sector you would have thought your government would use their ears a bit more instead of piss them all off.

I'm a nurse and I am extremely proud to be one. I signed up for this career for the rest of my life. I don't expect perks. I don't expect an amazing pension. I don't expect a fantastic wage. But I do expect support from our government. Especially when they want us to look after the sick, teach our children, stop illegal immigrants from entering the country and supporting families in social crisis! I know many people are saying public sector workers are just making things worse for ourselves and maybe we are, and sometimes, just maybe, we have to take risks!!

So do I totally relate to why people are striking? Yes. 100%!

Am I taking part? No.

I can't sacrifice my job to do it. Not in the sense that I'd be fired (that's a bit extreme) but when I took the oath to be a nurse. I meant it. And I simply can't leave patients ill in a bed needing nursing care desperately, instead to stand with a placard in the street.

I support them. I have signed numerous petitions about my disgust at this plan to "sustain our future" when if they do this the public sector won't have a future! I have written to my local member of parliament and area councillor. I am proud of everyone who protested today and giving us a voice. Thank you!

I refuse to be told I am not taking part, when I am. I just love my job and my patients too much to leave them to take to the streets. 

What has annoyed me the most today is that our government didn't even take the time to address the millions of people who peacefully protested (August rioters take note of that...). All our PM had the audacity to do was say this "the protests have had little effect on our democratic decision today." It just makes my blood boil. Well when the ambulance crews are 50% down, the kids raiding Burger King begging for another day off school, A&E piling up with trauma cases but no nurses to pump chests and illegal immigrants entering the country and stealing off the government budgets. Don't have the nerve to say the protests had no effect....I'm not pleased it came to this but it really has to be a two way street. The government can't sustain a future without us and the public need the government to provide and listen!

But to everyone who went out there and are still there. Good luck and be proud!!!

So what do you think? #right to strike or #wrong to strike?


Kristen said...


I do not know the ins and outs of all this. But 2/3 of your country? That is A LOT and such a high %. I hope something good does come out of it and even if it doesn't it rocks to know that despite it all the UK have a public who CARE!

Laura Anne said...

Well said Rebecca!!

Doria said...

Right to strike! Of course they should have a right to strike, it's good to know WHAT they are strking for. There are a lot of protestors here in our country and to be honest, I have no idea what they are protesting about, unless it's because they are jobless?!! I understand a lot of people have lost their jobs and a lot of companies have gone under, but every day I see now hiring signs. I don't feel as though I should strike for lazy people. It doesn't make sense. Your cause makes much more sense and a pat on the back for you for caring the way you do! :)

Starlight said...

In a democratic society striking is a form of political participation, a form of expressing dissatisfaction with the government actions. Therefore I'm saying #right to strike.

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