Friday, 11 November 2011

Remember Them

"And in Flanders field where the poppies blow, where the war dead sleep and the poppies will continue to grow..." - based on John McCrae

When my sisters and I were discussing our New York trip last week there was one thing we knew we had to do. Take part in Remembrance day. Every year we wear our poppies and every year we watch the remembrance service on the Sunday.

This year we are not at home but in New York City. So we felt it was only fitting to visit Ground Zero on 11.11.11 and we will hold a 2 minute silence together at the 11th minute past the 11th hour (USA time). So that's where we will be today.

There is no denying that war takes up a lot of our news stories, our newspapers and a lot of our history. Even though it isn't nice to think about a lot of the time the world is continually at war with each other in some way.

But there's no mistaking one thing. There are thousands of heroes out there willing to sacrifice it all to allow us to live in freedom, to protect us and who do it so willingly.

So to those who are on the front-line now, to those who have served and earned their medals and to the ones who have sadly lost their lives.

Thank you.


Mere said...

I think that was fitting to say the least. I'd never heard of rememberance day or the poppy thing, but that's cool that y'all do that!


Kristen said...

Mere said it perfect.

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