Thursday, 24 November 2011

Priscilla Bus.

Last week after retuning from NYC I also had the pleasure of spending some time in my version English New York too. I got to spend a day in London!

Even though I live a 25 minute train ride from my capital I don't go there as much as I like too and this has got to change. I love London. It has so much to see, do and offer so when Oli came to visit last week I made it a mission to take him there.

At first we visited London Aquarium along the Southbank. I have never been before and I do love the sea! (I'll try and add pictures of the fishes, sharks and penguins when I get them off my camera!). Plus, it made me appreciate the Ocean a little bit more. It really is a whole world down there and us as humans totally take it for granted.

Afterwards Oli and I did a little Christmas shopping in central London. It was SO neat to see all the Christmas lights lit up. I won't lie I felt very festive that evening and it was only mid November! It's never too early in my book.

Then I led Oli home saying we had to get back to do my local pub quiz. Was I lying?

Of course I was.

I have a habit of doing surprises for people and I will give myself credit for this. I am pretty awesome at making them surprises. As we were heading to the station Oli said "We had better get back for the pub quiz? and I said "I think we should hurry and to get to your birthday present!" - his face was priceless!

I had organised weeks before to take him to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I love the theatre and whenever Oli is over here in the UK I always make an effort to take him to a show... because London really does do the BEST shows! But he was also going to be meeting some other people too.

Some of my awesome blog friends! Ruth, Mike, Laura Anne, Oli and I.

Last year Ruth, Laura Anne and I tried to go and see this show. We share a love affair for the Aussie soap Home and Away and in particular are fans of Ray Meagher who plays Alf in it. But we couldn't go :(. I went and saw the show in March, met Alf and I just knew I had to see this show again.

It IS camp, hilarious, quite rude in places but such good entertainment. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it was a brilliant evening out and I think Oli enjoyed his birthday present! I had met Laura Anne back in June and have known Mike for about a year. But it was the first time I had met Ruth. It was so good to finally meet her and also just as good to see Laura again too!

Yay for amazing blog friendships!!! I'm very lucky.

Plus, just to make the night even better....we all got to meet our Aussie LEGEND!  Ray Meagher a.k.a. ALF!!
Thank you to Laura Anne for the pictures, they're priceless. I am so glad we got to do it and thanks to all of you for making Oli feel so welcome.

It was a brilliant day and night that I only wish we could repeat again.


Oli said...

Was a brilliant day, thank you so much again! Need to get you back with a monster surprise!

Jess said...

"I love the theatre and whenever Oli is over here in the UK I always make an effort to take him to a show... because London really does do the BEST shows!."

I love the theatre in London too. That's fantastic that you got to meet Ray Meagher as well. I've only seen a couple of productions when there's been a "name" playing one of the characters. The last one would have been Oliver, when Rowan Atkison was playing Fagin. (That was my only reason for going to be honest, I'm not particularly fussed about Oliver).

And before that, it would have been Tim McInnerny playing Iago at the Globe. I'd booked a weekend in London serviced apartments with a few friends for my birthday and we saw Othello on the Saturday. My Shakespeare-hating friend wasn't too happy, especially as we neglected to rent cushions. (An absolute necessity at the Globe I'm afraid and something that's often found out the hard way!) She enjoyed the meal afterwards though.

But as you say, London does the best shows. And if you happen to like Shakespeare, you can't do better than the Globe.

Holly said...

Heheh that looks awesome! Am very jealous that you got to meet other bloggers! :P

Kristen said...

Looks like great fun Becca.

Doria said...

Oh that does look like fun, I've never been to the theater. I think it would be awesome to meet fellow bloggers as well, good for you! I think they may have overdone Xmas a little here though, they had the decorations out around Halloween, it's BS if you ask me. I love Halloween, it's more of a Xmas to me :)

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