Thursday, 17 November 2011

New York Day 2

Waking up on day 2 felt so much better. We were all in a much better mood and the jet lag wasn't so bad. This was my favourite day out of the entire stay.

First thing we did was breakfast - nom nom! I had heard about this diner in Manhattan that was Glee style. It was called the Stardust Diner situated on Broadway. All the waiters were aspiring singers, dancers and choreographers and they all sung whilst you were eating your food. I LOVED it! I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea but it was neat to be somewhere so different. I'll repeat again but we don't get places like that here in the UK.

Stardust Diner - Micah singing!

Then after breakfast we headed off to this beautiful place. Central Park was in my top 3 places to go to. It looked so pretty in Autumn and it is HUGE!!! You can so easily get lost in there. 

We decided the best way to see all of Central Park was do a Horse and Cart ride around it. It was fairly priced and something different. This is us 4 in the Horse/Cart below before setting off. It's $110 for 45 minutes which between the four of us wasn't bad. I recommend it!

The guy who was carting us also gave us a good tour guide of places like the boathouse, the Dakota building where John Lennon was killed, the rocks where the Home Alone kid met the old bird woman and this place...(sorry for the blurry picture).

F.R.I.E.N.D.S fountain. This is the fountain they filmed in for the opening credits. Rach and I were so excited when the tour guide said this because it was watching re-runs of Friends back from 1998 that made us want to visit NYC!

We then got lunch and then did something I have ALWAYS wanted to do in NYC. That's see a show on Broadway! Nicola and I really wanted to see Wicked but it was sold out so we settled on Chicago. It was brilliant. I have never seen Chicago before so in that aspect I loved it. I won't lie though I prefer the theatre back at home. It's much more spectacular and London Broadway really goes to town with things. In saying that I would still see a show in New York again!

We saw a matinee showing so when we got out it was dark. We then decided we would do Empire State or Rockerfella centre. Then we heard that Empire state was closed due to the wind - it was really windy in NYC that day. My hair sure told me about it that night trying to get the knots out! So we headed to Rockerfella and I was SO impressed.

 I absolutely LOVE this photo I took of the Rockerfella building!

I was so excited to get the the top. The atmosphere was really festive down below on the ground. They were building the Christmas Tree whilst we were there. Plus, I also saw the infamous Today Show set across the street. Up at the top was another venture. I cannot put into words how taken aback by the scene I was!

Remarkable isn't it? 
Plus I still got to see The Empire State all lit up!

After spending about an hour up there we headed to Ruby Tuesdays near Times Square for dinner. It was our first proper meal out there so we devoured our food. I just remember coming back to the hotel that night saying to my sister how an Earth did we manage to fit in so much?! And the sad fact was we had more day left in this magical city :(.

Day 3 will be posted soon! Enjoy! 


Doria said...

Thanks for sharing, I love the photos cant wait to hear more. It's making me want to go more and more, lolz :)

Kristen said...

Very jealous you saw Chicago. I have heard that if you ever want to see a theatre show London is the best place for it. *adds that to bucket list* can't wait for day 3!

Holly said...

Great photo! I love that photo of the Rockefeller building too, the flags in it are really cool!

Brooke said...

The tour guide aspect of the horse and cart ride sounds amazing!! Well worth it.

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