Thursday, 3 November 2011

Meet our new critters!

We have also welcomed two new arrivals to our family but of the furry kind. As I grew up we always had Guinea Pigs and Rabbits but then we stopped getting them when we were teens.

Two weeks ago my little sister Rachael decided she wanted a pet Guinea Pig! So she went to the pet shop that afternoon and two hours later came home with a hutch, run, food, bedding and TWO Guinea Pigs!!!

The worst part was? She didn't ask my parents if she could have them in the first place! I told her it was a bad idea but when Rach gets an idea into her head she goes furlong with it. Nothing can stop that girl! So let alone wanting one Guinea Pig and bringing home two was going to add to the fireworks even more. 

My Dad didn't care haha! He just said as long as he didn't have to feed and clean them he wasn't fussed. My Mum on the other hand? mmm let's say there was an argument between the pair of them but as soon and she saw them she melted!

I have to admit so did I.

Let me introduce you to Bert and Arnie! (I know what your thinking Bert and Ernie makes more sense right? But we had a Rabbit called Ernie when we were younger.)

 The black and white one is Arnie. He's my brothers and he has this mohawk thing going on on top of his head. Kinda funky! He's a wimp, he runs away and not a massive fan of being held. Hopefully this will change the more we handle him.

 The dark and light brown with white is Bert! He's my sisters and he is SO chatty. He loves to be held and quite a chirpy little thing.

They're both brothers (which is why Rach bought two) but it is quite nice to have Guinea Pigs again. It takes me back to my childhood where I used to pick dandelions for them in the summer and walk into the garden with them squealing at you. I look forward to it! Anyone had Guinea Pigs?

P.S I am having a blog make over over the next couple of weeks. Cannot wait to unveil it!


Doria said...

Awe they are cuties. I bought Pokey one a year or so ago, named him Rhino and it wasn't till here lately he started squealing some. It's really cute, We had one, Wilbur when we were kids, My sis loved him. He died. Mom just had to go out and get her a couple as well, one of them is gone now and the other one is definitely a girl, being as Rhino tried to violate her when thrown in the cage, lolz. We love the guinea pigs. Glad the parents didn't throw them out!

Winda Tiodang said...

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Holly said...

Cute! I want one...though I think my cat might eat it. :(

Ashley said...

How cute! I had one when I was younger too - but my mom took more care of it than I did. LOL.

<3 Ash

Brooke said...

I had Guinea Pigs when I was younger too. Loved them. But make sure they are both boys! We were told we had two girls, turns out that wasn't the case when one morning we had a lot more little Guinea Pigs in the hutch!!

Loving your new look. Yellow - very you.

Brooke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Callie Nicole said...

Aw, they are so cute! and Becca, I LOVE the new layout! It's so bright and cheerful!

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