Friday, 7 October 2011


This may seem really silly but I was totally mortified this happened yesterday. I overslept. Wow I know what your thinking "I've done that loads!" or "it happens to the best of us" and yes I have overslept for meet up with my friends and days out and stuff.

But never for work.

In fact I tend to wake up before my alarm goes off because I don't want to be late. I was due on the early shift at 0700 yesterday and I woke up at 08.15. I had voicemails, missed calls and messages from my manager. "Where are you?" "We're really short staffed I cannot do a whole ward of medications on my own" "I hope your okay but please call us to let us know"


I have a thing about being late, people who know me really well know that. It must be an OCD thing but I think it's rude if your late for something. If there is a genuine excuse to be late then I get that but I really hate it when people are late due to lack of time keeping.

I slept through my alarm. My alarm is so loud on my mobile and I somehow slept through it?!?! I have just come off night shifts and the only thing I can think of is that I was SO tired from lack of sleep I slept through it. I do struggle to flip from days to nights and vice versa. So I am giving myself a little credit.

It was typical that as soon as I jumped into my car at 0830 I was stuck in mammoth traffic so did not get to work til gone 9. 2 hours late!

Luckily my manager was so pleased to see me rather than have a go. But she did warn me for it not to happen again as 9 patient's did not have a nurse for 2 hours yesterday which is dangerous. 

Motto to the story? Next time I come on nights and go onto days I am getting an extra alarm!


Suki said...

Sorry this happened.
I really hate that feeling when you wake up really disorientated because of lack of sleep.
Good idea to set an extra alarm. big hugs!

Holly said...

Oh no! Doing that during a teaching placement was something I always worried about; although it never happened, thankfully!

Starlight said...

I totally understand you... I also have a thing about being late... You shouldn't worry so much, it happened only once and I'm sure it won't happen again.

SunnyToast said...

Its okay it only happened once:) everything will be okay darling:)

Brooke said...

This would freak me out too. Being late for work is never good - but happy your boss was not too mad.

Kristen said...

Oh Bec don't worry. Your so sweet girl!

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