Monday, 17 October 2011

My "To Visit List"

Just before I started my nurse training I had a bit of a change of a heart. I still wanted to be a nurse but I wanted to travel more. A few of my friends had done gap years and I had a real urge and need to fulfil it. As far as I was concerned nursing could wait! But my parents would not support me on the issue. My Dad said if I wanted to do it he'd support me but not necessarily agree with it, and my Mum thought I would put nursing on hold forever if I didn't do it then! If your thinking I should have done it anyway I couldn't. I value their opinion too much.

So I made a pact with them. No lie I made them promise me that once my nursing was done they would let me do what I wanted to do travelling wise. I would be 21 and I needed the chance to make my own way in life without their hesitation on things. So I made a "To Visit List" of all the places I want to visit one day! I keep adding new countries and some I have crossed off.

I still have the list I made 4 years ago along with my bucket list as well. There below!

Beware it's long!!!

booked for November 2012


Edinburgh - June 2011

booked March 2012 (touring LA, San Francisco and Yosemite!)

Rome - September 2011

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Dublin (Northern Ireland)

Bora Bora (French Polynesia in Pacific Ocean)
If I ever get married this is where I would love my honeymoon to be!

French Alps 
I crossed this off, skiing just doesn't appeal to me any more.

Kenya on Safari

Paris - June 2008

Lake District (England)

St Tropez & Cannes (France)

booked for January 2012

Portugal - September 2010

New York- November 2011

crossed this off, it lost the appeal

A Caribbean island
not fussed which but would love to see Lou Lou in Barbados!

I crossed this off. I know countries have their rules etc. But over the last 4 years the regulations I have read about just piss me off. Can't kiss in public? Have to cover up? Stupid to me! I know you visit places to embrace their culture but I would not feel at all comfortable! 

County Wicklow (Ireland)
Ever since I saw PS I Love You Irish scenes I have to go here!!!

Las Vegas 
booked March 2012

Turkey - September 2009

Figi & New Zealand
When booking Australia I tried to make it possible to go here as well but I just don't have the money or leave off work to go...yet.

Niagara Falls

Ecuador (to see my sponsored child)

Disneyworld Florida & Florida Keys

Bali Indonesia 
Newly added last month since seeing friends honeymoon pictures!

Yeah it's long...but having it written down makes it 'real' in a way. I will throughout the how many years I have left to live to try to see all these places. I always say 'I can't add new places, I have too many already' but I can't help it! I hate to say it but I'm glad my parents persuaded me to stick with the nursing. It makes travelling away so much more rewarding. It's good to dream of places you want to visit. My bloggy pal Carolyn said to me on Twitter last week 'there's a whiles world out there and not enough life to fit it in already'

So true! So I am going to make this a meme and tag all of you (so yes you the likes KT, Tamara, Holly, Laura Anna, Mere, Sheena, Amanda, Steph and everyone else!) If you guys could do a blog post and list the places you want to see then I'd love to see your 'to visit' lists. Whether they're in your memory or written down, have a go! :)


Sheena said...

I will totally do this later this week. I will link back here when I do. You have some really awesome places on your list!

Alex(andra) said...

LOVE this list! When in March are you going to Cali?? If it's during my spring break I might need to get the hell outta dodge and meet you out there!

I also told Michael that we're going to Bora Bora sometime. it looks so beautiful!

Holly said...

LOVE that New Zealand is on your list!

I am totally going to have to think about my own one of these. I know a few places I'd like to go...but I'm sure I can think of more. :P

Bora Bora = amazing. If I spoke French and could afford to live there, I totally would. :D

Amanda said...

I will definitely have to come up with my list :)

Suki said...

If Greece lost it's appeal you have to see Crete! It is amazing. Go there in summer and you won't regret it. But make sure you book yourself into a little hotel at the coast to embrace the beach :)

I definitely want to see many many places and for me the special charme is and always will be in Scotland.

Brooke said...

Please tell me more about where you are going when you come to Australia. It will be hot in November, but survivable!

I completely admire you for making your list and achieving your goals. That's some travel you are racking up!!

SunnyToast said...

I totally agree with your mom..finished first then your free to go:)

I love the list and if ever you want o visit my country let me know..I'll be your tour guide and photographer:)

Holly said...

I've done mine now! It's not as long or as well planned as yours, though. :O

Anne @ Bibelot: Life's Little Things said...

Hawaii (Maui!!) is AMAZING! Definitely a place to visit!!! Will you be in New York during the NY Marathon? A friend of mine is going to see that... supposed to be super cool! :)

Kristen said...

O girl this looks awesome! Brazil is top of my to visit list!

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