Friday, 14 October 2011


I thought my travel urge had ended....I lied.

I have booked another trip but I wasn't totally to blame. I blame Oli to be honest. Oli is coming back to the UK for a couple of weeks in November but due to me going to NYC slap bang in the middle of it I wont be seeing him for long. I still have 2 weeks leave to take from work so I thought I would take them over my birthday in February and thought I would see Oli in Spain for a week of it (before I turn 23).

But Oli suggested we could go away for a couple of days to a city I have always wanted to see.


It's the biggest tourist city in Spain and has a lot of history. I cannot wait! It will be freezing but so worth it. It's a city that has been on my "to visit list" for a while but not really high up so I haven't done my research about the place yet. So January 29th-31st 2012 I will be in beautiful Barcelona!

Anyone know or heard of some great places to go, see and do?


Laura Anne said...

oh yes! I love this city.

First thing though: pickpocketers are rife in Barcelona. Like they work in teams, my friend even saw someone in front of her flat drive by on a scooter to grab someone's handbag off them. I can also testify to this fact as the first 'tourist attraction' I got to experience was the city centre police station as my bag got stolen while I was eating breakfast.


La Sagrada Familia - no brainer. And the Gaudi park which I've totally forgotten the name of. To experience some amazing Catalonian style hot chocolate, the Chocolate Museum cafe has the best stuff (we went to the place the Lonely Planet said was the best - it had nothing on the Chocolate Museum). There's also good shopping to be had too on Las Ramblas!

Doria said...

::jealous:: May I ask how you book trips like that?! heheh..

Holly said...

Wow, I am super jealous! Looks like yet ANOTHER amazing trip! :O

Amanda said...

Ooh, exciting! All my friends who studied in Spain loved Barcelona :)

Kristen said...

Travel as much as you girl! You only have one life and this city looks amazing!

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