Monday, 31 October 2011


Not a bad attempt huh?

I have to thank my brother who actually drew the outline of it. I just carved the thing but I am still going to add it to my minimal creative collection. I'm not a huge lover of Halloween, mainly because I simply don't get it?! But I still enjoyed doing this. If you celebrate this holiday then enjoy!

Side note: I went and saw Paranormal Activity 3 this weekend just gone. Scared the jeebies out of me!

Monday, 17 October 2011

My "To Visit List"

Just before I started my nurse training I had a bit of a change of a heart. I still wanted to be a nurse but I wanted to travel more. A few of my friends had done gap years and I had a real urge and need to fulfil it. As far as I was concerned nursing could wait! But my parents would not support me on the issue. My Dad said if I wanted to do it he'd support me but not necessarily agree with it, and my Mum thought I would put nursing on hold forever if I didn't do it then! If your thinking I should have done it anyway I couldn't. I value their opinion too much.

So I made a pact with them. No lie I made them promise me that once my nursing was done they would let me do what I wanted to do travelling wise. I would be 21 and I needed the chance to make my own way in life without their hesitation on things. So I made a "To Visit List" of all the places I want to visit one day! I keep adding new countries and some I have crossed off.

I still have the list I made 4 years ago along with my bucket list as well. There below!

Beware it's long!!!

booked for November 2012


Edinburgh - June 2011

booked March 2012 (touring LA, San Francisco and Yosemite!)

Rome - September 2011

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Dublin (Northern Ireland)

Bora Bora (French Polynesia in Pacific Ocean)
If I ever get married this is where I would love my honeymoon to be!

French Alps 
I crossed this off, skiing just doesn't appeal to me any more.

Kenya on Safari

Paris - June 2008

Lake District (England)

St Tropez & Cannes (France)

booked for January 2012

Portugal - September 2010

New York- November 2011

crossed this off, it lost the appeal

A Caribbean island
not fussed which but would love to see Lou Lou in Barbados!

I crossed this off. I know countries have their rules etc. But over the last 4 years the regulations I have read about just piss me off. Can't kiss in public? Have to cover up? Stupid to me! I know you visit places to embrace their culture but I would not feel at all comfortable! 

County Wicklow (Ireland)
Ever since I saw PS I Love You Irish scenes I have to go here!!!

Las Vegas 
booked March 2012

Turkey - September 2009

Figi & New Zealand
When booking Australia I tried to make it possible to go here as well but I just don't have the money or leave off work to go...yet.

Niagara Falls

Ecuador (to see my sponsored child)

Disneyworld Florida & Florida Keys

Bali Indonesia 
Newly added last month since seeing friends honeymoon pictures!

Yeah it's long...but having it written down makes it 'real' in a way. I will throughout the how many years I have left to live to try to see all these places. I always say 'I can't add new places, I have too many already' but I can't help it! I hate to say it but I'm glad my parents persuaded me to stick with the nursing. It makes travelling away so much more rewarding. It's good to dream of places you want to visit. My bloggy pal Carolyn said to me on Twitter last week 'there's a whiles world out there and not enough life to fit it in already'

So true! So I am going to make this a meme and tag all of you (so yes you the likes KT, Tamara, Holly, Laura Anna, Mere, Sheena, Amanda, Steph and everyone else!) If you guys could do a blog post and list the places you want to see then I'd love to see your 'to visit' lists. Whether they're in your memory or written down, have a go! :)

Friday, 14 October 2011


I thought my travel urge had ended....I lied.

I have booked another trip but I wasn't totally to blame. I blame Oli to be honest. Oli is coming back to the UK for a couple of weeks in November but due to me going to NYC slap bang in the middle of it I wont be seeing him for long. I still have 2 weeks leave to take from work so I thought I would take them over my birthday in February and thought I would see Oli in Spain for a week of it (before I turn 23).

But Oli suggested we could go away for a couple of days to a city I have always wanted to see.


It's the biggest tourist city in Spain and has a lot of history. I cannot wait! It will be freezing but so worth it. It's a city that has been on my "to visit list" for a while but not really high up so I haven't done my research about the place yet. So January 29th-31st 2012 I will be in beautiful Barcelona!

Anyone know or heard of some great places to go, see and do?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Oh my days my family and I are SO unbelievably excited to announce this. We're going to have a new addition to our family in April 2012!!!

My older sister Nicola and her fiancĂ© Robbie are having a baby so that means I am going to be an aunty! Aunty Becca! Me an aunty!!! I have cried happy crocodile tears because I am so sooo thrilled.

She gave us each a copy of the scan and I still stare at in disbelief! I can see its arm, its tiny alien like legs, its little heart in the centre there. This is my little niece or nephew right there. I see so many scan pictures where I work and friends scans but this to me is "real" - it's happening in our family and this baby will grow from a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager and an adult in our family. I can't wait to see this little baby grow up already!!!

Nicola and Robbie at his sister's wedding in April this year. 

These guys are going to make awesome parents. This is such welcomed news for the family. Robbie's mum is battling breast cancer at the moment so it's good news like this we want to hear. You have know idea how much it meant to me to see my Mum's face! It's a snapshot I will keep in my memory box forever. She's going to be a 'Gran' (as she wants to be called) and she will be an AMAZING one at that.

One thing I do know is this baby is loved so much already and they're only 13 weeks old. Boy or Girl - he/she is going to have 3 aunties and an uncle who will dote on them. Two sets of amazing grandparents and a great grandma who is currently calling up all her dog walking friends to let them know the happy news as I blog this.

They have decided names but aren't telling and they aren't going to find out the sex either which I really like the idea of. So baby girl or baby boy I cannot wait for your due date of 23rd April 2012 (St.Georges day, how patriotic you are already!).

Aunty Becca (to be!) x

Friday, 7 October 2011


This may seem really silly but I was totally mortified this happened yesterday. I overslept. Wow I know what your thinking "I've done that loads!" or "it happens to the best of us" and yes I have overslept for meet up with my friends and days out and stuff.

But never for work.

In fact I tend to wake up before my alarm goes off because I don't want to be late. I was due on the early shift at 0700 yesterday and I woke up at 08.15. I had voicemails, missed calls and messages from my manager. "Where are you?" "We're really short staffed I cannot do a whole ward of medications on my own" "I hope your okay but please call us to let us know"


I have a thing about being late, people who know me really well know that. It must be an OCD thing but I think it's rude if your late for something. If there is a genuine excuse to be late then I get that but I really hate it when people are late due to lack of time keeping.

I slept through my alarm. My alarm is so loud on my mobile and I somehow slept through it?!?! I have just come off night shifts and the only thing I can think of is that I was SO tired from lack of sleep I slept through it. I do struggle to flip from days to nights and vice versa. So I am giving myself a little credit.

It was typical that as soon as I jumped into my car at 0830 I was stuck in mammoth traffic so did not get to work til gone 9. 2 hours late!

Luckily my manager was so pleased to see me rather than have a go. But she did warn me for it not to happen again as 9 patient's did not have a nurse for 2 hours yesterday which is dangerous. 

Motto to the story? Next time I come on nights and go onto days I am getting an extra alarm!

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