Monday, 19 September 2011

Bloggy Update.

I have been having a blog slump lately. I just haven't felt in the mood to blog at all and I don't have any interesting topics either. It's mainly because work has been insanely busy. All of a sudden everyone in Surrey seems to have appendicitis or a bowel obstruction! My ward has been non stop non stop...and I am just keeping afloat with home life and social life as well. So I thought I would just do a bloggy update of what's been happening in my little life lately.

  • This weekend just gone I went and saw British comedian Lee Evans. He. Cracks. Me. Up. I have not belly laughed and cried with tears that much for so long! His humour has me in stitches. (beware he does swear a lot but still hilarious!)
  • Also 2 weeks ago I went and saw The Wizard of Oz up in the London west end. Amazingly well produced show! It still amazes me how talented people are to bring stories from a book to life. Incredible! 
  • Last Friday I had the worst nursing shift I've had in my short career. It's the first time I have genuinely wanted to quit and not come back. I was crying in front of patients, in the car on the way home and back at home to my Mum! It was all because of a doctors stupid mistake but I copped the blame for it from the relatives of the patient. I have never felt so insulted and vindicated by someone I was honestly trying to help. They're are some people that genuinely enjoy making peoples lives miserable aren't there?! Since then work is better and I feel better equipped for next time (just fingers crossed the doc THINKS in future!)
  • I am so EXCITED for this weekend. It's my first weekend off in a while and I am going up north to see Sacha. You might remember Sach being the person who I threw the surprise hen/baby shower for in April. Well she moved in June a month before Kaleb was born. I can't wait to see her and have lots of baby time with this cutie!
  • I have started boxing at the gym. Oh my it's the best stress reliever ever! Over the summer the gym got ignored a lot. I just wanted to spend time in the sunshine and outside with friends rather than sweat away in a gym. However, due to work being more stressful lately the gym has been my best pal! I feel so much better mentally and it sure is cool to learn about jabs, hooks and upper cuts!
  • I'm feeling really down for my little brother at the moment. He and his girlfriend of 18 months broke up (for an 18 yr old lad that's a long time). Plus, he has been unemployed for 6 months now and he is applying everywhere. Just no such luck yet. He has a job interview this Thursday. Please please hope with me that he is successful!
  • Finally my good friend Laura Anne is hosting a community blog party about the importance of community. Hop on over and get inspired!
And that's life in a nutshell at the moment. September is whizzing around so fast! The guy on the radio today said it's less than a 100 days to go until Christmas. It's mad how time flies!!!


Ashley said...

Sounds like a crazy hetic week! I'm sorry you had such a bad day at work - that's no good. :( Glad though that you get to see your friend this weekend and baby Kaleb - he looks so precious! Make sure to take some pictures :) And I'm sorry to hear about your brother - at that age a break-up is devastating and I can completely relate. He'll be in my prayers and thoughts this week and hope that his job interview goes well. Hope you have a good rest of the week! :0)

<3 Ash

SunnyToast said...

You really have insane weeks and I understand you..I been on that shoes but what matter most is that your happy and being busy with our lives means we are having a great time:)

Doria said...

Fingers crossed for the brother. Hope you have an awesome weekend :)

Holly said...

I know what you mean about getting into blogging slumps. That happens to me too, but fortunately they always seem to end eventually!

I'm sorry you had such a rough time at work, I can't understand what makes people think it's ok to be rude to someone like that! :/

Callie Nicole said...

I'm sorry to hear about that rough time at work, Rebecca! That's so frustrating. :-/

Kristen said...

As long as you don't stop blogging girl. I love your blog! Fingers crossed for your brother.

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