Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Good night out.

I remember when I turned 18 and I was probably having nights out nearly every other week. It was either a Saturday night or a Thursday night (dubbed student night). Then when nursing school got more hectic the nights out faded. I wasn't a rowdy teenager but I did enjoy going out for drinks, dressing up and having a dance. I think I can probably count on one hand how many nights out like that I've had in the last two years.

And I miss it. A lot.

This past Saturday I went out with my work friends. I have not yet mentioned them much on this blog but oh my these girls rock. I work with a fantastic team of nurses and it was SO FUN to go out and not be nurses for a change.

Marian, Olivia, Ali and I.

Olivia's friend Natalie came as well and she was a hoot. This is us starting our night of shots!

This is my favourite picture from the nights. I am going to miss Marian (centre) so much as in December she moves to Australia. She's my lucky Irish charm!

Group shot.

We went to a town called Richmond which has a bar called Vodka Revolutions. The music was awesome, the summer breeze pitchers were addictive and yes I did nurse a sore head in the morning. I got to wear heels! I never wear heels unless I go on a night out and they k-i-l-l-e-d when I got in. Whole point of them really? It was just sooooo nice to let my hair down. 

All worth it though. Thanks girls!


Kristen said...

My cousin Brittany is a nurse and she says that quite often the responsibility of the job bogs you down. I think you should go out more, just saying :-)great pictures. xx

Ashley said...

You def need a night out! Especially with all of your hard work!

<3 ash

Amanda said...

Sometimes you just need a good girls night :)

Barsola said...

I am new to your blog and found it off of a blog link off of another blog link. I was reading your Inspiration post on Crazy Thoughts and found it familiar. As a nurse, I've been a situation similiar and immediately went to your blog. I like your blog and just wanted to let you know. If you ever get a chance, find your way over to my blog: barsolalifeobs.blogspot.com sometime. It is funny that the post that brought me here is on a topic I'm going to write about tomorrow, inspiration, and I didn't know Crazy Thoughts' blog had inspiration Monday posts.

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