Thursday, 25 August 2011

Colours in your hair.

For as long as I can remember I have always been blonde. It isn't my natural colour but it has always been 'the' colour. I was a natural blonde when I was little.

Proof. The easy days.

 ...and then puberty hit. It turned my hair this dirty brown colour - was not a fan. I once coloured my hair a dark brunette but it just didn't suit me. I found I had to wear more make up to stop me looking so pale!

It's true what they say though, Once you colour your hair you never stop and that's the same with me. I have probably spent thousands of pounds on hair colour and treatments. But to me that's okay, I think hair is one of your best accessories. It deserves to be loved and coloured :)

At the moment I am at my blondest. See picture below. 

I do like this shade! But it does make my dark eyebrows stand out a lot and I get a hair line within 4 weeks so I get the icky roots. 

But I have been darker blondes as well.

This was last year when I had brunette highlights weaved in but still kept the light blonde going through.

 This is the closest to brown I have allowed myself. I did like it but don't know if I should try it again?!

I am having my hair coloured again this week. I always get the professionals to do it. I don't trust myself with those do-it-yourself bottles. What do you think guys? Stick with the bright blonde or go a little more darker?

I value your opinion.


ktjane said...

I am probably not the one to be giving advice on hair colors, as I am a little too free with the dye sometimes! But, that said, I like it medium, if it mean the least amount of maintenance for you. Your color at graduation was beautiful, as well!

Mere said...

My hair is naturally blonde as well but not bright blonde....I went to my stylist the other day and she put in my normal set of highlights but added black "low-lights" that can only be seen when I part my hair to the side. I'm like seriously in love. They would look sooo cute on you, too!!

Love, Mere

Alex(andra) said...

I'm a natural burnette... I'm afraid of coloring my hair (but I'm starting to GREY already which means I'll having to start coloring someday). I like all of them.. but I think I like the medium the best, too!

Doria said...

Its rare for me to go blond, but I was for a bit there. I lerved it. Im more of a black hair dye though. I really like the bright blond, that's what I would do, because why not?! Good luck!

Brooke said...

I love the colour in the middle picture. I'm hardly qualified to talk though. Once when I went to a hair dressing school to have my hair cut they came running out with scissors to take samples of my "never before dyed hair" to practice on!!

Kristen said...

I have read all these posts and you have posted them. Keep them a coming girl!

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