Monday, 22 August 2011

7 Links

I have not done one of the tag posts in a while. I have taken this idea from Mere's blog. It's a nifty way of looking back at your blog archives so thanks Mere you star! It's basically 7 links to answer 7 questions which you have blogged about, cool huh? Then you tag 7 people to go through their blogging history too.

1) Your most beautiful moment - I'm a Nurse!

I never thought I would ever get to write this post, that's how tough nursing school was. It signified one of the BEST days of my life. I did it! I qualified and now I am doing what I have always wanted to do. It was one of the most beautiful and happiest days ever and this blog post reflects it in every sense of the word and more!

2) My most popular blog post - First blog give-away!

I never expected such a good response to my first give-away- thanks guys. I have always wanted to do more just never found the right time or idea. I will someday soon!

3) My most controversial blog post - Abortion

 It wasn't that this post got a lot of comments it was the fact it got people talking. I had never done such a debatable topic on my blog before. I had people emailing me their views and what I should put! Crazy huh? My views on abortion still change frequently but this did cause some controversy.

4) My most helpful post- I shall go to the ball.

Oh my how did you guys keep up with me? I was trying to find a dress for my graduation ball last summer and I could not find a dress!!! I was going crazy. I was posting pictures of what I liked and you certainly helped me choose in terms of length and colours. Thank you.

5) A post whose success surprised me- Haste Ye Back Scotland!

I have done many holiday re-caps on my blog before but loads of people were so interested in my trip to Scotland this past June. It really did surprise me! Since doing this blog post I have done two interviews with Scottish newspapers about my trip there. Plus, a radio interview about my thoughts on an upcoming film being set in Edinburgh. All because of this blog it!

6) A post that didn't get the attention I thought it deserved - Blog Secret 2011

When I saw this on Mere's blog I totally agreed. It isn't because all blog posts "deserve" attention just that some of the anonymous secrets shared were (as I am sure as they were to write) hard. It must have been difficult to write about some of the memories and I just thought it was a shame they didn't get the support they should have received.

7) The post I am most proud of - Blog Series

I had wanted to do a series on my blog for ages but never thought what. Then I came up with the idea, Steph designed the logo and I had the best bloggers guest post for me. I was really proud with how it turned out and a massive THANK YOU to Steph, Alex, Laura Anne, Tamara, April, Mere, Amanda, Holly and Patrice for guest blogging. You rocked!

So I tag Tamara at Crazy Thoughts, Steph at Plan B, Laura Anne at Learning From Sophie, Ashley at Lovely Little Adventure, Kt-Jane at So, Funny Story..., Callie from Through Clouded Glass and Holly over at The Adventures of Holly.


ktjane said...

I promise that I will try my best to do one of these this week! I really like the idea!

Mere said...

I'm glad you saw this and did it! I'm almost sad about the blogsecret posters.....It was so much fun to see your posts :)

Love, Mere

SunnyToast said...

It nice to know more about your blog with this entry:)

Happy blogging:)

Starlight said...

I think I didn't read all posts you linked here, I'll definitively read them now.
Thank you so much for tagging me but you gave me a tough task, I'm not sure I'll be able to answer all seven questions, but I'll do my best. Thank you again :)

Callie Nicole said...

This is a fun idea! I'll have to work on this for next week. :-) I left a comment on your "controversial post" - I agree with what you said. :-)

ktjane said...

Done, my friend!

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