Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Good night out.

I remember when I turned 18 and I was probably having nights out nearly every other week. It was either a Saturday night or a Thursday night (dubbed student night). Then when nursing school got more hectic the nights out faded. I wasn't a rowdy teenager but I did enjoy going out for drinks, dressing up and having a dance. I think I can probably count on one hand how many nights out like that I've had in the last two years.

And I miss it. A lot.

This past Saturday I went out with my work friends. I have not yet mentioned them much on this blog but oh my these girls rock. I work with a fantastic team of nurses and it was SO FUN to go out and not be nurses for a change.

Marian, Olivia, Ali and I.

Olivia's friend Natalie came as well and she was a hoot. This is us starting our night of shots!

This is my favourite picture from the nights. I am going to miss Marian (centre) so much as in December she moves to Australia. She's my lucky Irish charm!

Group shot.

We went to a town called Richmond which has a bar called Vodka Revolutions. The music was awesome, the summer breeze pitchers were addictive and yes I did nurse a sore head in the morning. I got to wear heels! I never wear heels unless I go on a night out and they k-i-l-l-e-d when I got in. Whole point of them really? It was just sooooo nice to let my hair down. 

All worth it though. Thanks girls!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Colours in your hair.

For as long as I can remember I have always been blonde. It isn't my natural colour but it has always been 'the' colour. I was a natural blonde when I was little.

Proof. The easy days.

 ...and then puberty hit. It turned my hair this dirty brown colour - was not a fan. I once coloured my hair a dark brunette but it just didn't suit me. I found I had to wear more make up to stop me looking so pale!

It's true what they say though, Once you colour your hair you never stop and that's the same with me. I have probably spent thousands of pounds on hair colour and treatments. But to me that's okay, I think hair is one of your best accessories. It deserves to be loved and coloured :)

At the moment I am at my blondest. See picture below. 

I do like this shade! But it does make my dark eyebrows stand out a lot and I get a hair line within 4 weeks so I get the icky roots. 

But I have been darker blondes as well.

This was last year when I had brunette highlights weaved in but still kept the light blonde going through.

 This is the closest to brown I have allowed myself. I did like it but don't know if I should try it again?!

I am having my hair coloured again this week. I always get the professionals to do it. I don't trust myself with those do-it-yourself bottles. What do you think guys? Stick with the bright blonde or go a little more darker?

I value your opinion.

Monday, 22 August 2011

7 Links

I have not done one of the tag posts in a while. I have taken this idea from Mere's blog. It's a nifty way of looking back at your blog archives so thanks Mere you star! It's basically 7 links to answer 7 questions which you have blogged about, cool huh? Then you tag 7 people to go through their blogging history too.

1) Your most beautiful moment - I'm a Nurse!

I never thought I would ever get to write this post, that's how tough nursing school was. It signified one of the BEST days of my life. I did it! I qualified and now I am doing what I have always wanted to do. It was one of the most beautiful and happiest days ever and this blog post reflects it in every sense of the word and more!

2) My most popular blog post - First blog give-away!

I never expected such a good response to my first give-away- thanks guys. I have always wanted to do more just never found the right time or idea. I will someday soon!

3) My most controversial blog post - Abortion

 It wasn't that this post got a lot of comments it was the fact it got people talking. I had never done such a debatable topic on my blog before. I had people emailing me their views and what I should put! Crazy huh? My views on abortion still change frequently but this did cause some controversy.

4) My most helpful post- I shall go to the ball.

Oh my how did you guys keep up with me? I was trying to find a dress for my graduation ball last summer and I could not find a dress!!! I was going crazy. I was posting pictures of what I liked and you certainly helped me choose in terms of length and colours. Thank you.

5) A post whose success surprised me- Haste Ye Back Scotland!

I have done many holiday re-caps on my blog before but loads of people were so interested in my trip to Scotland this past June. It really did surprise me! Since doing this blog post I have done two interviews with Scottish newspapers about my trip there. Plus, a radio interview about my thoughts on an upcoming film being set in Edinburgh. All because of this blog post...love it!

6) A post that didn't get the attention I thought it deserved - Blog Secret 2011

When I saw this on Mere's blog I totally agreed. It isn't because all blog posts "deserve" attention just that some of the anonymous secrets shared were (as I am sure as they were to write) hard. It must have been difficult to write about some of the memories and I just thought it was a shame they didn't get the support they should have received.

7) The post I am most proud of - Blog Series

I had wanted to do a series on my blog for ages but never thought what. Then I came up with the idea, Steph designed the logo and I had the best bloggers guest post for me. I was really proud with how it turned out and a massive THANK YOU to Steph, Alex, Laura Anne, Tamara, April, Mere, Amanda, Holly and Patrice for guest blogging. You rocked!

So I tag Tamara at Crazy Thoughts, Steph at Plan B, Laura Anne at Learning From Sophie, Ashley at Lovely Little Adventure, Kt-Jane at So, Funny Story..., Callie from Through Clouded Glass and Holly over at The Adventures of Holly.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Jeans are not my friend.

...and they never will be. Is there a piece or type of clothing you have a love/hate relationship with?

Mine are jeans through and through. I hate shopping for them. I am not a fan of wearing them and I have never found a pair that look or feel right. I went shopping with my friend today who is a massive jeans lover. She said her shopping hatred is swimwear which I can relate to. But you don't wear swim wear everyday but most people do with jeans.

I own one pair of jeans which I have had for 2 years. I had to pay quite a lot for them and their bootleg cut so I wear them with my boots. But once I am home they are off and I am straight into my pyjamas or jogging bottoms. I find the actual denim material quite uncomfortable. It's just annoying because jeans tend to go with EVERYTHING. Plus you can dress up and down with them and fun to accessorise with.

I decided today would be the day I would find a new pair. I tried boot-cut, straight cut, skinny jeans, flares, bell cut etc. You name it! But I just got frustrated. They all fitted fine but just did not "feel" right. So I am through trying to befriend them.

Now leggings and jeggings on the other hand rock! They are more my cup of tea.

Anyone else feel the same? or have a piece of clothing you want to love but your body loathes?

Friday, 12 August 2011

C is for Civil Union.

When I was little I LOVED Sesame Street. I used to want to leave nursery asap so I could go home and sing a long with Elmo and Big Bird. So in the paper today I was shocked to see this and also on Facebook have an invite to its petition.

There's a petition going round to encourage the Sesame Street producers to marry Bert and Ernie. Even though since this has come out the makers have denied this I just find it bizarre! Parents have said that it will make children and toddlers more tolerant of gay people. It will allow them to be more "socially accepting" of people with non heterosexual lives.

In just my opinion this is totally the wrong audience to steer this towards. I am in agreement that gay people should marry if they choose to but to televise it to 3-6 years olds? No. Plus, I actually feel sorry for people who are of different sexual orientation. My friend Dan is gay and been with his partner for 3 years and they are both laughing at this. They want the public to see them as people, they have accepted themselves for what they are they don't need a kids programme or a petition to make them feel more moulded into society.

To be honest I don't even think kids would understand what is happening. They see Bert and Ernie as a couple of friends, not a couple of lovers. Yes they live together but they sleep in single beds. Nearly 15,000 people have signed this petition.

Anyone else's thoughts?

Monday, 8 August 2011


One of my amazing blog pals Starlight has been hosting a monthly 'Inspiration' series on her blog this past year. I have loved them and now it's my turn.

Hop on over to her blog and see what inspires me the most. Enjoy!

Sorry I have been distant from my blog, reading your posts and blog commenting. I have been quite unwell this week and dealing with a lot of stress issues at work. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Travel Bug: Australia

This is the last of my trips I have planned and I don't think I will book any more for quite a while. All my savings have gone! But I have saved the best til last and you will see why.

I think it's fair to say that we all have a country we want to visit. One that stands out beyond the rest of them. This country I have had a permanent fixation with for years. I think largely because it is seen as a place of adventure and a place where all my friends seemed to have their gap years (or a part of) at. It is total world away from the United Kingdom and one that doesn't seemed to be splashed across the news a lot. Some people I know say it's "always the cliché country people want to visit" and their's a very good reason. It sounds stunning, like to good to be true and I have NEVER heard a bad word said about trips there. 

Australia it will literally be a dream come true when I step onto your soil in November 2012 for 2 1/2 weeks! There are so many things I have wanted to see and do in Australia. But with it being the other side of the world and all I could never afford the funds for a plane ticket! Let alone a holiday to see EVERYTHING! Then last year my sister (whose employer have an affiliation with Virgin Airways) mentioned that Virgin had just set up cruises around Australia. How perfect?!

I have never been on a cruise before but always wanted to. So it ticked that box and it was Australia! I could see the majority of things I have only dreamt of seeing but with a ship. So last October when I started working I made Australia my goal to save for. I worked extra hours, had to say no to fun events etc because I had to save money for Australia. It was always on my mind.

If I didn't do it now. I never would as life always gets in the way at the best of times. So my friend Lotte and I planned to go next April but the dates fell through with work. We are both nurses and trying to get 3 weeks off at the same time was hard!!! However, the tour we specifically want to do only runs in November and March. So we have to wait until next November which at first bugged us a little but we soon got over it when we saw our itinerary in the brochure.

Next November (the 12th November 2012 to be exact :) we fly out to Sydney and will spend 4 days there. Apart from getting over jet-lag we already have so much we want to do there.

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge. What an awesome way to see the whole city?! Plus it will be the beginning of Aussie summer time so fingers crossed for a sunny day. We also plan to see a show at the Opera house and generally enjoy the city when we are there. I have already got a list of 'go to' places from shops to botanical gardens.

On one of the 4 days we are in Sydney we are taking a 2 hour bus journey to Palm beach. If your're a Home and Away fan you will know what this means. It is my favourite soap and the only thing I watch religiously on TV. Home and Away film on this beach and it's the views from this show that make me want to visit Australia so much more! I don't plan to character stalk the actors (unless it's Romeo or Miles!) haha but I do plan on seeing all the different locations and swimming in the sea. When I get back and watch it I want to say "I'VE BEEN THERE!!!"

We are also thinking of going to Australia zoo which is what Steve Irwin used to run before his untimely death. We have a lot to pack into 4 days. Then on the 4th day we board our cruise ship and set sail out of Sydney Harbour. I can't imagine what that scene will look like - spectacular I hope!

After a day of cruising on board the ship our first destination will be Cairns. It's famous for one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The Great Barrier Reef. And I plan to go scuba diving in it (another thing I have never done!). We are spending two days here.

After leaving the reef we have another day to relax of cruising before we go to Willis Island. This forms part of the Whitsundays and they are very famous in Australia. They are a set of man made islands which you can live on. They were founded on a Sunday - hence their name. We are spending a day here having BBQ's, snorkelling and more swimming in the sea.

The next day we are visiting Australia's longest beach on the Gold Coast - Airlie Beach. It has white sands (ironic it's on the gold coast), quite deserted and natural waterfalls. Just like Bondi beach (Aussie's most famous surfing beach) it gets pretty good waves so we are thinking of taking a surfing lesson.

And then lastly it's onto Brisbane- The Angel City! We are staying 2 days here and I am sure it will certainly be different from all the reef's and beaches we will be seeing! In Brisbane they have a massive Koala sanctuary where you can hold them. It's also very multi-cultural and is a very 'happening' city. I can't wait to get stuck in being touristy.

Then we return to Sydney for one last goodbye before heading back home. I know once I have done the east coast of Australia I will want to do the west coast like Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania and Ayers Rock. I already know I want to return back and I haven't even been yet!

So I think that will settle my travel bug itch for a while. Like I said in my Rome post. I have reached a point in my life where I don't want to just wake up and go to work everyday (as much as I love it). I want see things, do things and enjoy this planet we live on! The only other place I'd really like to visit is Safari in Africa but I think I will save for that once all these trips have been savoured. 

When the travel advisor said it was booked I went home and cried happy crocodile tears! This holiday means so much to me and all the saving has been totally worth it. It's well over a year to go until I fly out but I feel so content knowing its booked and that I AM FINALLY GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Travel Bug: West Coast USA.

All the trips I have ever been on my life have been planned. They have been places I have always wanted to go. So this trip was completely out of the blue, totally spontaneous, unplanned and has always been a place I have thought of but not really been anywhere near the top of my "to visit" list. 

I am going on an 11 day tour of West Coast USA next March 2012! My friend and I had planned another big trip for March next year but the dates fell through. Since we had booked the leave off work and had longer to save for our next (big AND exciting) trip we decided we would go somewhere else. This was totally new to me!!! We now had a choice to visit anywhere we wanted (financially limited though) we had no clue and it was tough. It took a good couple of days to decide. I initially wanted to go to the Caribbean - particularly Barbados as my friend Lou Lou lives there with her hubby. My pal Lotte (who I am holidaying with) liked the idea of Mexico which I found really appealing too! In fact, Hawaii, Barbados, Mexico and Disneyworld Florida were all places we looked at first. Then Lotte mentioned she really wants to visit Los Angeles and my face dropped.

Lotte: LA sounds awesome doesn't it?
Me: mmm not really a holiday place is it? Sounds like the place you go to get plastic surgery. (I don't mean to be rude but I dont see LA as a go to place at all. It's just celebrity land!)
Lotte: Yeah but it's LOS ANGELES in CALIFORNIA!
Me: Now California DOES sound amazing!

Then we started reeling off places like San Francisco, the beaches, San Diego etc and it was then we realised California was going to be our destination. Just we could not afford travel and places to stay all over California! Then we saw an advert for American tours and we found the perfect one we want. It just sounds awesome!!!!!!!!

Day 1: We fly to LA and spend a night in down town LA. We land quite late at night. 

Day 2: We have the option to visit San Diego or spend a day at the beach - Pismo beach. It depends on the weather. I am not sure if it's beach weather for March in LA. Anyone know?

Day 3: We spend another day in Hollywood where we get to see the Hollywood walk of fame and take in all the sites. I definitely want a picture of the Hollywood sign behind me. 

 Pismo Beach.

Day 4: We go to San Francisco!!! I am really looking forward to seeing this city and travelling over the Golden Gate Bridge. It's iconic.

Day 5: We spend a day in San Francisco. We really want to take the cable car down to Fisherman's beach and I'd quite like to visit the island of Alcatraz. The old state prison. There is an optional excursion tour for this day but we'd quite like to explore for ourselves.

Day 6: We leave San Francisco early morning and travel to Yosemite National Park. Just looking at the views of this place has me in a ball of excitement. It just looks tranquil! The valley, the waterfalls and the lakes - wow! 
This really is my version of paradise and we get to camp the night here. At the moment this is what I am really looking forward to. It will be totally different from the buzz of the city to spending time here.

Day 7: This is an all travelling day and not particularly thrilled about it either. I just hope all the Yosemite air will tire me out! We do get to take a boat ride on the Colorado river for lunch though.

Day 8: Grand Canyon - Nevada.

 We are spending the day here and it will be my first time visiting any of the 7 natural wonders of the world. We have booked a helicopter ride to fly over the canyon and we'd quite like to do the sky walk as well. Then in the evening we travel to kids toy town.

Day 9: VEGAS!

We get a free day here to explore for ourselves. I may dabble in a little gambling, go on the roller-coaster at the New Yorker hotel and see the fountain display at the Bellagio!

Day 10/11: We spend another half day in Vegas before we journey back to LA to get our plane and land back in the UK. I probably imagine we will be shattered!

At first I had my doubts before booking it. I hate the idea of a tour guide touring us around and having to take coaches to places. However, we read the reviews and they were all so fantastic. We have decided we don't want to do many of the excursions and see some of the sites for ourselves. The hotels are gorgeous and we are seeing loads of things in 10 days. It's going to be packed full to brim of fun and I now think we're really lucky to get the deal we have gotten.

Bring it on!
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