Saturday, 9 July 2011

Call the Police!

If there is one thing I never banked on happening whilst on holiday last week was dealing with the police. It is not something I am very proud of but I'll be honest. I crack myself up laughing half the time at the thought of it. So it is only fair that I share with you guys here.

Yes there was alcohol involved. We were drunk. I still don't remember much and no I have no photos of the event itself. My friends were gutted that I didn't have my camera out for the Police part of the story. But somehow I don't think they would have been too impressed!

It started out a fairly ordinary night. Every night after dinner we went out for drinks. There is a cocktail bar I love that I thought we could check out. We had such a laugh in there but we didn't realise how 'potent' the cocktails would be. Over here in the UK all spirits and alcohol are measured so you know how many units your drinking. In Spain they just guess and estimate, so maybe we should have thought about that. But when your having fun with your friends it's the last thing you think about. We were on holiday after all.

Our yummy cocktails.

After we went to Aloha Jay and Tambra said they were pretty tired and headed back to the apartment. James, Neale, Andy, Danny and I decided to stay out. We headed to another bar but I mean this when I say it. We did not plan to get drunk...but we did. We ordered a couple of drinks, the bar had some brilliant music and we started dancing. After a couple of hours the drinks were still flowing, we were still dancing and I still remember this point in the night. It was around 3am.

 James, Neale and Danny dancing in the bar.
Andy, Neale, James and Me.

This is where it gets sketchy. The last photo on my camera (this reminds me of the hangover movie where they look at their cameras for clues as to what happened!) was this one below. It is of Andy and Danny completely wrecked. It was taken at 03.30am.

Just before I went outside and found these guys I had been to the toilet. I remember sitting on the bar stool wondering where the hell had Neale disappeared to. I hadn't seen him for about half an hour. I was with James, Andy and Danny still. The next thing I remember is sitting outside the apartment crying my eyes out. I don't even remember walking back! Tambra had been waiting up for us and was the ONLY sober one there. Jason was still asleep. It was around 04.30am at this point, a whole hour had gone from my memory.

I was crying because we could not find Neale anywhere. He was not at the apartment, not in any of the open bars and all I could remember thinking was 'how are we going to tell Neale's parents we have lost their only child?!" Tambra was keeping me company on the side of the road. James (not really drunk) had gone to look for Neale and Andy and Danny had gone on some drunken walk to 'talk' about stuff. 

The next thing I can remember is sitting on my apartment balcony. I remember Tambra telling me it was getting on for 05.30am. Another hour wiped from my memory. Then we saw torch lights and a man shouting 'I'm calling the police! I call the police on you people' in some weird Spanish accent. I started to panic and went and sat in the boys apartment sofa to keep out. Next thing I know Andy and Danny appear and they go sit it out in my apartment. Tambra went to join them as they were very drunk and it was clear what they had to talk about had not been resolved (are you confused yet? I am! Haha!). Whilst I was sitting on the sofa on my own I could still see flash lights. Shortly after James appeared with Neale in tow. I started digging into him about where the hell had been? We had been worried sick. It was around 6am and the sun was starting to rise. I just remember thinking what the hell had been happening. In the space of 3 hours so much had happened and it was overwhelming. I started crying again on the sofa and James was comforting me saying ' it was okay'. Well it far from wasn't as I looked up to see two police officers and the hotel security in front of me!!!

No joke I froze on the sofa and did not say a word. In fact I recollect me pretending to drink water out of an empty bottle! Tambra then came in and tried to diffuse it. Seriously, I am so thankful she did not drink and went home early because Neale would have been arrested!

It turned out that Neale decided he had had enough and wanted to go back to the apartment. The thing is he was so drunk he forgot where we were staying and started banging on the apartment opposite us thinking that was our apartment. Little did he know that he was banging on the wrong door shouting all sorts to Jason (who was still asleep in a different apartment!) to let him in. Sadly, he was banging on the door of a poor old Spanish lady's house. She got so scared she thought she was being burgled and called the police! I do not blame her in the slightest, poor poor thing. It is the one part of the story I feel so terrible about. She must have been so frightened!!!

Tambra explained that we were all drunk, that Neale had got lost and it was a stupid but honest mistake. The apartments all have the same lay out and it is easy to take the wrong turning. Especially if your out of your mind on alcohol. They had their handcuffs out ready but once they heard the story they gave us a stern warning. Neale had sobered up a little and sincerely apologised.

By the time they left it was 07.00am and we were tired. So hungover and tired. We all woke up the next morning feeling terribly ill. We still can't help but laugh and feel guilty at the same time. The boys all had cuts and bruises on them the following day and we still don't know how they got there. There are still lapses in our memory, we can't seem to work out the right sequence. It really was our own mini version of The Hangover movie.

Moral of the story: if you go out drinking abroad, take a map of where your staying. It saves you from nearly being arrested!


Colette said...

LOL LOL LOL at your advice. Do you really think you would be able to read a map when you're that drunk?! You crack me up.

Holly said...

OMG I am laughing SO hard at this post, but also feeling terrible for that poor woman who thought Neale was a burglar! Funny story though - thank goodness none of you got arrested!

I also agree with Colette, if you are so drunk you cannot remember where you live, how in the world are you going to be able to read a map!? :P

Kristen said...

Oh Rebecca I am in tears with laughter. Certainly one for the story telling book one day. Thank goodness you did not get arrested though!

Alex(andra) said...

Hahah!!! Oh man, that's epic. Definitely a story for the ages. I don't even know. lol.

Doria said...

LMAO. That is AWESOME! :)

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

Oh my!! I would have been scared for a missing friend. At least you can laugh about it now, ha!

SunnyToast said...

You really had fun that night and those cocktails look amazing:)


happy blogging:)

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