Tuesday, 5 July 2011

And it ended.

The worst part of any holiday is when it ends. I get post-holiday blues as soon as I set foot in my house. Back to reality. Back to 25 text messages. 180 emails to filter through and voice-mails to chase up. I arrived home from a fantastic10 days with my friends this afternoon and I want to be back there with them so much.

The holiday was so nice and relaxing. Apart from the nearly getting arrested part - I think I owe a post to that entirely. I will say it was a clear misunderstanding and excessive alcohol consumption was involved. I imagine your're either laughing and/or hanging your head in shame for me right now. I am still doing both.

I had the best surprise when I got home though which has lifted my moods greatly, that's also another post. For now I am just going to fondly look at my pictures of the funniest memories ever. I will do a re-cap post before my night shift stint start tomorrow (see why I am depressed haha).

Oli, Andy, Tambra, James, Neale, Jay and Danny. Thank you for making me cry with laughter, for chucking me in the swimming pool when I least expected it, for racing me down the water slides and for making it the most fun and eventful 10 days. I love you guys.


Callie Nicole said...

Can't wait top hear all about it!

Doria said...

*jealous* 10 days with friends sounds like an awesome time. can't wait to hear more!

SunnyToast said...

Cant wait for your lovely photos and by the way we almost have the same job:) I used to hate that job but I always think of it as the one who pays my rent....lol:)

Happy Blogging!

Steph{anie} said...

Sooo glad you had a blast! But I'm glad you're back blogging now :)

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