Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I hate goodbyes.

I hate saying goodbye to people. I just hate it, even when I know it's for the best. I think I have introduced my friend Sacha on my blog a fair few times. I helped organise her engagement bbq, announced her pregnancy last November, threw her surprise baby/bridal shower in April and celebrated her wedding to Kevin that same month.

Our first drinks out - 2007

Tomorrow she leaves to move up north with husband and baby bump (Caleb) in tow. I'm really going to miss her. I remember when she arrived in Surrey 4 years ago. She was this shy and quiet girl. I remember thinking it would be hard to get anything out of her. So I invited her out for drinks with my girlfriends our age and as they say....the rest was history. I have seen her blossom from this 18 year old Irish chick. To this fun loving wife and yummy mummy to be! It astounds me the changes she has made and I feel so lucky to have seen it.

Surprising Sacha on her 21st birthday - 2010.

Tonight when we got up from the table it actually hit me that the next time I see her will be in a different place and she'll have a baby. I am quite good at hiding my feelings when saying goodbye to people. I leave my tears til when the doors have closed and I am on my own.

Her wedding - April 2011.

I am on my own now and I am crying. She is one of these girls that I see once a month and I can spend hours talking to her about anything and everything. I treasure her, I really do! And I thank her for letting me be apart of all the big milestones she has reached in her life. I cannot wait to cuddle her little baby in July. 

It isn't goodbye really. I know's see you soon. I'm just going to miss her a tonne and this feeling really sucks.


Kristen said...

Oh Becca you poor thing. It is incredibly hard to say goodbye someone especially as your have clearly been through so much.

I know you will always value your friendship. It's a testament to how much you have shared. I look forward to the baby Caleb pictures!

Mere said...

I am so sad for you :( I know you'll keep your friendship alive though and the distance will probably make y'all closer. Can't wait to "meet" baby Caleb! Chin up! ((HUGS))

Love, Mere

Doria said...

Awe goodbyes like that really suck! *hugs* :)

ktjane said...

Goodbyes are no fun at all, but the cuddling babies part is pretty great! Definitely worth the wait and so much fun to spoil!

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

It is always hard to say goodbye to friends! So many of mine live hours away, which makes our time together even sweeter. :)

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