Friday, 10 June 2011

For Patrice.

I have been toying over whether or not to blog about this because this post comes with a heavy heart. Yet, I really feel the need to, purely for peace of mind and as a way to show I care.

I have blogged before about Patrice. She's an awesome blogger and one of the very first blogs I started following. She knows this but she has this ability to make you laugh, cry and feel like your in the room with her when reading one of her posts. I wish I could do that. Over the past 19 months Patrice's sister Anna has been fighting cancer. Ewings Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. It has been a literal roller-coaster of emotions and Patrice has so movingly blogged throughout all of it.

Anna passed away on Wednesday. She was 18. 

When I found out I cried. I have never met Patrice or Anna but I was just gutted for them. I have followed Anna and her families journey since November 2009. When you become involved in the hope of wishing for someone to get better you can't help but get very emotional and attached. Especially when's it's the outcome you always feared. Cancer sucks and I wish it did not exist! It makes me angry that so many are affected. However, I am a firm believer that some good has to come out of something so terrible.

To me Anna did not lose her battle with cancer. She won in the face of it and has created this amazing legacy which I know the Basso's will be so proud of.
  • Anna got to graduate last month when cancer didn't want her to.
  • Anna's illness inspired her school to hold blood donation drives. Thanks to Anna loads more people are donating blood. It is such an accomplishment. 
  • Anna was able to go to prom and get prom queen :)
  • An AWESOME campaign called '1 million 4 Anna' was set up. The aim was to achieve 1 million prayers for Anna and at the beginning of this month it was reached. One million prayers for one person, that's incredible! (can you leave your prayers here? - they're still counting them!)
  • Anna had the most amazing friends who made this sweet video to one of Anna's favourite songs. 
    She achieved so much and certainly gave cancer a run for it's money. I wish Anna survived and I wish I could be there for Patrice in more ways than this. I just want Patrice to know that we are all here and she is never alone. Anna will always keep floating and we'll keep floating along with you Patrice.


Kristen said...

What an incredible young lady that left this Earth too soon. I do not know Patrice but she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. It proves anyone with cancer can beat it in so many ways. Well done Anna, it seems you put up a worthy plight that was not lost in vain!

Keep floating. A lovely song.

Callie Nicole said...

That would be so hard. I'll be praying for Patrice.

Mere said...

This post just made me cry my eyes out all over again. I found out on Twitter myself and just lost it. I too am gutted :( This post was sooo sweet; you're such a good friend. xoxo

Love, Mere

Janet said...

OH my! My heart goes out to Patrice and her family.

momto3 said...

I have the privilege of knowing Patrice and Anna when they were children. I babysat them when Anna was 4 and Patrice was 8. I love these 2 girls as if they were mine. I was devastated when I found out Anna passed from cancer, but she accomplished so much in her short life that many of us will never do...
Thank you for what you have written.


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