Sunday, 19 June 2011


Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day! I hope you like the sweetie jar I made you. It's amazing how far a jar, sweets and some blue ribbon can take you. I know we don't have the closest relationship and I wish it were different. However, it does not mean I don't appreciate you. I do, tremendously.

Over the past year one my friends dad's has died, one of my friends dad's has had an affair and left her family and another says he hates his dad so much he'd rather see the back of him. It has got me thinking a lot about our relationship, particularly as I read many cards and blog posts dedicated to how close people are to their father's. Although, I don't feel that way there are so many things I cherish about you.

I could never imagine life without you. You would never hurt mum or us intentionally and I could never hate you. I feel that in itself shows you mean a great deal. Mum says the reason why you can be 'difficult' sometimes is because your're an only child and had very protective parents so you struggle to communicate well etc. I understand that but I do wish we could talk more, that things wouldn't be so awkward and that we could make lots of conversation instead of sentences. 

I love this picture. It's that smile you wear in it that I love best and when I see it nowadays I know that is when your're really happy. Although, things can be strained sometimes between us there are many things I love best about you.

Your so honest and are not afraid to say exactly what you think. I got that from you, thank you because I need it a lot. You have told me several times you are proud of me, thank you. When I first walk in the door from work you are the first person to ask me how my day was, thank you. I know you struggled raising four kids but you treat us individually, thank you. I love how much you treasure Mum, thank you because when we all leave home she will need you more than you'll know. 

The biggest lesson you have taught me is 'money doesn't grow on trees' and even though I HATED you telling me that as a teen. I live by it day by day now because your're right. It is the best feeling to buy something, make something or gain something that you know you earned and did yourself. You get back what you put into the world and I have got that from you, thank you.

There are many things in my 22 years that I have learnt from you, more than you realise. I know you love me, even if you have a funny way of showing it sometimes I know you do. I'm graduating next month and the fact that you have taken the day off work to come means the world to me. It makes up for all the sports days, parents evenings and ballet recitals you missed when I was growing up. Thank you in advance for coming!

I hope you enjoy one of the few days of the year dedicated to you. As I know there are people who today who are missing their Dad's so much. I am grateful you are around to say this:

Thank you for being my dad.



Janet said...

Rebecca, an incredibly honest and brave post today! Your Dad sounds like a remarkable man, and having a daughter who is an only child, I can relate to some of the issues he has! He certainly sounds like a Father who cares and loves more than he can sometimes show it. You brought tears to my eyes, as he reminds me a lot of my Dad, who now that Mum has gone, has softened so much - a little too late for some but for me, I love him with all his faults and in spite of everything! Well done Girl - I can see why your Dad is so proud of you! xx

SunnyToast said...

Rebecca...belated happy father's day to your Dad..such an honest post:) We often rude to our fathers but our love is endless for them:)

Brooke said...

I hope that your Dad had a great Father's Day. I found that my relationship with my Dad changed a lot after I moved out. We never realised it then but we were so much alike that we clashed all the time. Now he's one of my best and closest friends.

Kristen said...

It's refreshing to see a side where people's relationships arent all plain sailing. This was an honest but beautiful letter. I hope he sees it.

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