Sunday, 10 April 2011

Share the love {deals}

I know a few people have mentioned this site but I have to praise it on my blog too. Have you guys heard of Groupon? They have one in the US and here in the UK too. I am not sure about other countries. If they don't then they're missing out!

I love groupon! It is a daily deal site where local business can share deals. But these deals are seriously discounted. They make awesome presents for people or really nice evenings out. All you have to do is choose your state/county, sign up to their daily email (which at first I hated but it helps out loads) and then they send out the deals. On some of the deals they are limited as to how much they can sell but it is DEFINITELY worth signing up to and checking out.

One of my friends last month was saying how she could never get her eyelashes long enough with mascara. Then London posted this deal to get eyelash extensions for £25 ($40) reduced from £80 ($130). I bought it for her as a present and she LOVED it! My friend Katie did not know what to get her boyfriend for his graduation present. Then Surrey (my county) posted this deal for a 2 night stay in a castle for £170 ($265) reduced from £400 ($650). It's a massive saving.

I have already bought some really good meal deals, mani/pedis and executive hair cuts. There are some days where the deals don't excite me but then on other days they are too hard not to miss. If you do one thing this weekend then sign up to can thank me later.


Starlight said...

We have a couple of similar pages in Slovenia and sometimes they have interesting and tempting offers. :)

Kristen said...

Signing up girl!!!

Mere said...

Of course I live in the great state of Texas where Groupon is everywhere, but I've never tried it....hmmm.....I just might have to now!!

Love, Mere

Anne said...

I have heard great things about it but never had the chance to try it out myself.

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