Thursday, 28 April 2011

The easy way to tone?

If there is one thing I don't fall prey for with over the top advertising is believe it. I particularly hate it when celebrities are used because they wouldn't use that product ever. All they see are £ signs. So a couple of months ago I saw this advert.

In the USA and Australia they are known 'Shape Ups' and my response was "what a load of rubbish!." There are some adverts that make me angry and this was one. I am one of these girls that would love to have more toned legs and a tighter butt but seriously these magic trainers were going to give me it?  Also at a cost of £90/$150 might I add.

I go to the gym a few times a week for classes and workouts. In February I noticed my trainers were falling to bits. They were becoming uncomfortable to wear and I could not wait to get them off again. Then my friend mentioned about the Reebok Easytones and I hampered on about how I refused to give into that hoo-ha! Then my Mum said if I go to the gym regularly I might as well pay a decent price for a pair. She's always right. I was searching the internet one night for some and low and behold the 'Easy Tone' advert appeared on my telly. So I thought what the heck? I'll check them out. They had nice colours *check*. They had a really nice style *check*. The price was ridiculous! *uncheck* so I headed over to eBay. They had the Easy Tones for half the price in my size. I acted on impulse and bought them.

I have to say they are magic shoes. I wish I did not believe the advertising but these shoes do give you toner calves. I am not sure about the tighter butt element yet. My friend bought a pair as well and she disagrees but she uses them once a week. You have to wear these for more than a couple of hours a week to see their benefit. The Easy Tone company state that each pair has "exclusive air moving technology with balance ball inspired pods. This creates micro-instability and softness with every step" a load of mumbo jumbo? I think so.

Basically on the bottom of each shoe there is what I can only explain as an air ball. The actual sole of the shoes do not flatly touch the floor. So as you walk you almost feel like your walking on bubble wrap. This is what creates the 'instability'. Naturally your muscles want to be stable so it makes them work harder to get a balance as you walk. I particularly find them really good when running! As my feet do not feel they are touching the treadmill/ground properly so I work faster to make it feel like I am running. If that makes sense? My calves do look more toned but I think I need to work harder on the butt part.

So for someone who turns her nose up at OTT advertising I have to say I like these shoes. I would not buy them at their retail price, so shop around. However, I do recommend them!

Do you give into advertising? Have you used these shoes?


Holly said...

No I have no used those shoes, but I have seem similar ones in shops over here and also thought they were rather ridiculous, even if they are kind of cool looking. :P

I wonder whether people who had been given the shoes without any prior knowledge of what they were going to do for them would still have reported noticing a difference? That would be something interesting to investigate. :)

Mere said...

I have yet to use them but I have always wanted to. When I move home, I intend to buy something like those. They seem to work because you're not the first person I've hear about them from. I'm glad they worked for you :)

Love, Mere

Patrice said...

Wow I am so excited to read a real persons review of these! I have always wondered if they really worked! I have a fear of wearing tennis shoes in public, though. I don't know why, but I feel like the BIGGEST loser wearing tennis shoes! haha

Doria said...

Have you seen those pants made by reebox that are posta shape up your legs!?? Crazy!

Christine said...

Actually Shape-ups are different than the Easy Tone from Reebok. The shape ups are from Sketchers, and look like Frankinstein shoes, the soles are so thick and rocker shaped. Of course I have a pair of Sketchers Shape-ups, not ANY tone factor, BUT they cured my heal pain and are great nursing shoes!

Stacie said...

I haven't tried them but I have a cousin who swears by hers. And Christine is right, the Skechers Shape-Ups look like the orthopedic shoes that people where b/c one leg is shorter than the other. Only both shoes look that way. But I hear they are comfy. I may just have to get some Reeboks next time I need new shoes.

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

I haven't tried them, but I've heard really good reports on them. I may need to find myself a pair, and soon!

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