Sunday, 24 April 2011


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and day today. Unfortunately I'm working whilst my family have an Easter meal. Even though I am not a Christian, a lot of my family are so I do join in their celebration with them. 

I had a pretty heavy night of drinking until the early hours last night. It is pretty safe to say I feel a little worse for wear along with these guys. Oh yeah and doing oops upside your head with these bunch of strangers was pretty fun too.

But this morning I woke up begrudgingly as I had to work and miss out on some family time. Yet, something prompted me to look at blogger. This may sound silly but I felt a real need to check out my feed for some reason.

I came across Patrice's blog post. It's not your typical Easter post you read either. It was exactly what I needed to read today. Patrice had a really 'lucky' day on Friday with her travels home. Plus her sister Anna is fighting bone cancer. Her recent PET scan showed new growth and they are currently reviewing her chemotherapy regime. I cannot say this enough. I think Patrice rocks! She could so easily wallow in pity and say "why me? why my sister? why my family?" but instead she is thankful for the countless blessings she has at this moment in time.

Amidst any horrid storm we are always lucky and blessed in some way.

So today I am heading to work and missing out on family time. Instead, of feeling that it is unfair. I count myself lucky that today I am caring for people who are missing out on Easter with their families too. I'm spending time with them instead. I could not be any luckier to be doing the best job in the world this Easter Sunday.

If you do pray or have hope. Please keep Patrice and her family in your thoughts. They're an awesome family!

Have a wonderful Easter.


Kristen said...

Oh Becca this was just what I needed to read too. Patrice did a great post and I liked that it was not your typical Easter read too.

We are beyond lucky to have what we have in life. Happy Easter girl and to everyone here too!

Holly said...

Love this post, and I loved her post too. :)

Mere said...

I hope you enjoyed your Easter, sweet girl!

Love, Mere

Stacie said...

I will never forget one Christmas day that I had to work... I was working on pediatric hematology/oncology. I took care of John, who needed a blood transfusion that day. I'll never forget watching the pink glow return to his cheeks as he regained strength and then was able to join in the family game of Monopoly. Looking for the bright side always makes it more worthwhile.

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