Saturday, 16 April 2011

Baby/Bridal Shower

Thank you all so much for your ideas on the Baby Shower SOS post I did earlier in the month. I had it last night and it was a HUGE success! My friend Becca and I who hosted it were really nervous but it could not have gone better! I could not post a lot about our plans because Sacha reads this blog so here's a run down of what happened. Expect picture overload!


I had it at my house. We had a tight budget so could not afford a venue. It worked out really well and it was a place all guests could get to.

The Hen/ Mum-to-be:

Sacha was our Hen who we pampered and surprised. She gets married next week. When Sacha announced she had booked her wedding for July I thought I had ample time to sort out a Hen do. Sacha is (or was!) a bit of a party animal when she could be. Then she announced her pregnancy last December and the wedding had moved forward to April. Panic set in. What I had planned would not work for a pregnant woman so I had to go back to the drawing board.


I LOVE decorating but due to money we could not go over board. We had balloons we found for 50p a pack in Hobbycraft. We decorated the tables with confetti, dummies and bottles.We bought some banners and helium balloons as well.

The best decoration was the easiest and suggested by a blog reader Kristen (thank you!). Everybody loved how simple and effective it was!

A baby line and we made two. One for inside and one for outside in the gazibo. We bought the clothes for a good price which Sacha kept. We simply tied the string to my lights and pegged them on. The whole thing cost about £10! It was decoration and presents for Caleb rolled into one!


I'm a firm believer that it's not what you know it's who you know. I used to work as a waitress in a private hospital at the weekends. It is where I met Sacha who was a chef there. I asked Mark my old manager if he could make a big curry for everyone. So I didn't have to do any cooking! It was all in it's pans ready to heat up. I bought some naans and poppudums. It was a hit and so easy to sort out!

My friend Theresa (whose American and an AMAZING baker) made cupcakes! They tasted so good and we have none left. 


We got pampered! I searched around for a local company that could come to my house and do manicures, pedicures, facials etc. My only worry was that a lot were expensive, had to put down deposits for everyone (and not everyone could come in the end) and if I read the small print I had to pay for their petrol as well. Eventually I found a business (Girlie Night In) that come to your house but you just pay per treatment. It cost £10 (around $15) for each treatment. It was a steal and the girls who came, Jo and Amanda, were just incredible! Thank you girls!!!


This is where you guys really stepped up. I used many ideas. We played the nappy game where you melt chocolate into a nappy. The mum-to-be has to open up the nappy and eat the chocolate to guess what it is. Sacha was hilarious! We also played a drinking (no alcohol) game but with bottles. We sat in a circle and the bottles had to go round and when the music stopped the two that had the bottle had to down the drink as quickly as they could. Again this was really well received! We also had people guess the weight of Caleb and we also set up two books. A blue book for the baby shower where people could write their motherly advice to Sacha. We also had a pink book where people could write messages to Sacha about her wedding coming up. It just added a really sentimental touch to it all!


We wanted Sacha to feel like a princess so that was the theme we kind of went with. We found some really cheap tiaras on eBay and the guests all wore them.

We dressed Sacha in a tiara with a veil attached, she wore a flashing garter around her arm and we bought a sash that said "Future Mrs Muckle" on it to wear. This cost £3 (around $6 on eBay as well).

For the game prizes I bought some blue lollies (in keeping with the baby blue theme). I had some blue ribbon so I just wrapped a bow around each one. I think it was one of my favourite things to do. 


Everyone brought their own individual gifts. Caleb got a lot of clothes! He will be a very well dressed baby. As a joint present 3 of my friends and I bought Sacha a baby bouncer which she loved. Even though Sacha will be get weddings gifts next week we bought her a photo frame as a little gift as well for a keepsake of the evening.


There were 10 of us which was a really nice number. I panic easily when organising things. I love doing it when it goes right but having loads of people would have stressed me out (my job does that enough anyway!). It was a good number to work with. Sacha enjoyed every second of it. We blindfolded her on the way to mine so she knew nothing!!!! She thought we were taking her to a restaurant for a meal so she was very surprised when she took the blindfold off. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it and that's the main thing. I had one very HAPPY bride and mummy to be.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and to everyone who helped with suggestions.


Laura Anne said...


I can't believe none of the rest of you did the nappy thing!!!! You're ALL meant to do it. Hee hee. Poor Sacha!!

Doria said...

Well done lady! That sounds like a really awesome baby/bridal shower! Good for you! :)

Alex(andra) said...

Aww it looks like a fantastic time!!! Way to rock it!

Callie Nicole said...

It looks like it turned out beatifully! You did a great job, Becca!

Mere said...

It looks like y'all had an absolute BLAST!! I love showers!!! The pampering idea was a really good one! I'll have to remember that! Good job, Becca!!

Love, Mere

Brooke said...

So happy this turned out well for you. Sounds like a fantastic evening with heaps of things to do.

I really loved how you used who you know and had a curry made. Brilliant idea.

And the Girlie Night In sounds fantastic. I wonder if they have something similar here!!

Kristen said...

Looks like you had a great time. You should have organised mine!

Stacie said...

Looks like a great shower! The "Girlie Night In" sounds delightful. Way to go!

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