Monday, 4 April 2011

Baby Shower SOS

Last year I announced that one of my closest friends is having a baby. Sacha is due in July but we are throwing her a baby shower. I know she reads this from time to time so I cannot reveal location or what we have planned so far.

Sacha is also getting married later this month. So we are throwing her a Hen/Baby shower! All she knows is that it is Friday 15th April. It starts at 6pm and we are taking her somewhere blindfolded. 

However, I do need your help. I have never organised anything like this (I organised her engagement BBQ but that was with 5 other people!). I really want it to be special because Sacha is moving up north soon after her baby is born. I am going to miss her TONNES but her fiancĂ© has a good job opportunity he cannot afford to pass up. 

So far we have decided it is Blue and Red colour themed. Blue because she is having a baby boy - we are welcoming a baby Caleb Luke Muckle in July - and Red for the hen party theme (also Sacha's favourite colour).

I need ideas for games, food and decorations for both baby and bridal shower. Can you help? I know your're very good! I am also on a tight budget. Argh! I only have 11 days left to do this all in. I always leave things to the last minute. All I have set up is location, guests and balloons. 



Kristen said...

One of my favourite decorations from my baby shower were baby clothes hung on a line across my fireplace. It was so simple but really pretty.

For the bridal part test her on wedding IQ. You could even do that on the baby as well. It will be fun don't worry Rebecca. The fact you have organised a surprise before the baby comes and your friend leaves is a testament to what a special friend you are. Sacha will love whatever you throw together.

Laura Anne said...

A few things...

Baby shower games

every takes a guess at what date and what weight the baby will be.

the baby food game - guess what flavour different jars of baby food are meant to be.

chocolate nappy game - melt different chocolate bars into nappies and people have to guess what chocolate bar it is.

Another thing - a memory quilt - people get a square patch to decorate, and then they can be sewn together to make a memory quilt for the baby.

Hen stuff - ask Sacha's boyfriend different questions and then test Sacha to see if she remembers the answers (ie when did they first meet, what did they do on their first date, kinda like the 'best friend' game!)

Another thing we've done for hens & about-to-be mums is the 'survival kits' - hen ones include silly things (often bought from Ann Summers!) as well as things like mints and stuff, but the Mum kits have things like chocolate, senokot, bio oil, mascara or concealor (to hide those sleep deprivation induced dark circles) as well as nice moisturers and pampering type things!

Sorry...that's a LONG comment. Can you tell I've been to a number of hen days and baby showers?!

Starlight said...

I don't have any ideas or recommendations, sorry. But I do believe in you and I know that you can organise this party. Go girl :)

Anne said...

I'm horrible at party planning, but I hope you pull it all together!! Good luck!

Brooke said...

I always find a good walk around a crafty store or $2 shop focusing on your colours helps. It's amazing what you can find for little money once you are looking for it.

You could freeze blueberries and/or strawberries in ice cubes to go in the drinks.

Love the baby clothes line idea.

Steph{anie} said...

I really don't have much advice for you, because quite frankly, I'm HORRIBLE at planning these types of things. However, I really liked the advice previous commenters left, especially the baby food guessing game.

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