Monday, 7 March 2011

What N-O really means.

I really wish I was superwoman sometimes, with the ability to say the word no. Do you ever try to be him/her and end up resenting saying yes when you mean no?

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The classic example was last week when my manager said "Bec any chance you could work your day off and do a long day (13.5 hour shift) tomorrow. We're really short staffed and I'm desperate!" And of course being the doolally I am said "Well...yeah of course I will had no plans anyway."

Well the other plan of catching up with sleep and having time to myself went through my head after I said the opposite of what I wanted to say. But you get my drift? I find this trait in me so frustrating. I always used to think it was selfish to say no, or its rude to turn down someone requesting help and I genuinely enjoy helping others out. 

But when I start to lose sleep, not see my friends, not get to spend my hard earned money I do start to resent myself. As quite often the deed is hardly ever reciprocated and I end up feeling like someone's doormat. In my break at work yesterday I counted how many times in the last week I had said yes, but meant no. It was 12 times.

12 times too many.

I need to learn the art of saying no because I am not Superwoman, Oprah or even Michelle Obama that seem like they can handle everything (and still look good). Otherwise I will just wear myself out. As let's be honest N-O really means Y-E-S. Anyone walking the same plank as me?


ktjane said...

One thing I have learned is that you have to learn to say no sometimes. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy! But, in all honesty, I still haven't gotten great at saying "no" even when I would like to!

Kristen said...

I agree with ktjane it will always be a struggle of mine to say jo. I feel that when I say no I feel like I would be missing out on something, whether it's a night out or even possible acceptance from someone, or even worse to be liked!

Totally walking the same plank as you girl!

Mere said...

I am most definitely you! I have no concept of being able to say "no" and even in those moments where I attempt to say "no," I end up saying "yes" instead. Talk about annoying!!

We'll work on this together and get it eventually...hopefully!

Love, Mere

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, I can relate! It takes practice, but it does get easier to say no. I'm not super-good at it either though - I always feel like I have to have a really solid reason to say no, even though it might just simply be because I don't have time, or I need a break.

a life of color said...

I have a tendency of doing the same thing. I don't mind to help people out when they are in need but when the favor is not reciprocated is when I really start to get upset.

Good luck learning how to say NO, it sounds like you could use some sleeep and alone time.

Alex(andra) said...

I have this problem. All the time. Especially when talking to someone face-to-face. I can't say no. If it's through texting I can usually find a way to say no. How sad is that?

I hope you get to catch up on your sleep!

Holly said...

Oh yeah, I am most definitely a member of the Can't Say No Club. :S

Ashley said...

saying no is so hard. :( And you hate to disappoint people. 12 times in one week? That is an eye opener.

<3 Ash

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