Friday, 25 March 2011

Blog Series: Tamara

I have only just recently become a fan of Tamara's (aka Starlight) blog. She's adorable and I am so pleased she chose to guest post for me. I specifically chose Tamara's guest post to be last. Simply because she does not know what she wants to do. She has ideas and dreams though, big dreams. Here Tamara explains in more detail.

If you would ask little Starlight what she wants to be and what she wants to do when she grows up, she would have told you that she wants to be a lawyer. She would have also told you that she wants to fight crime and put the bad guys behind bars.

She had a clear picture of a grown-up-Starlight in her head: she would be the crime fighter in a beautiful and elegant black suit – skirt just covering her knees and a matching jacket over a beautiful red or violet shirt. She would have a black leather suitcase which would contain her notes about the bad guys she has yet to put behind bars.

If you ask Starlight what she wants to do and what she wants to be now when she actually is a grown up woman she would have honestly told you that she doesn’t know.

I’m a student of political science though it wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to study journalism but I knew I didn’t have a chance to get in so I chose political science. First year was very tough for me; I was lost and political science wasn’t what I really wanted to study. But now I’m in the third year (6th semester) and I’m very satisfied with my decision and also very glad that I didn’t give up two years ago. We have some wonderful professors and a lot of really interesting lectures and I love it.

I have one and a half years left before I get my bachelor’s degree if everything goes according to plan. I already know what I’m going to write about in my bachelor's thesis which is a very big deal for me.  After getting my bachelor’s degree I’m planning to continue studying and get my master's degree. So this means that I have a two-year plan.

But I have no idea what I’m going to do after I get my master's. I don’t know where I’m going to work. I don’t know what exactly I want to do. Moreover, I don’t even want to think about this because it’s scary for me to be so lost at the age of 23.

I know I’m not the only one in this position; I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t know what they want to do/be but this doesn’t comfort me at all. I’m a control freak and I have to have control over my life and not knowing where I’m headed is terrifying for me. I wish I knew exactly what I want, just the way I did when I was 10.

If you would ask little Starlight what she wants to be and what she wants to do when she grows up, she would have also told you that she wants to be a writer. She loved writing short stories and she had always wanted to write a novel.

And if you ask Starlight what she wants to do and what she wants to be now when she’s all grown up she would have also honestly told you that she still wants to be a writer. This is still her BIG dream.

I was always writing something – short stories, poems, reviews of books etc. That’s what I have always loved to do and I still love writing. It calms me down and it makes me feel good about myself. That’s why I started blogging and I’m very happy that I have 75 followers and a couple of regular readers and commentators. A couple of them became my friends even though we never met in person. Blogging is one step forward to me being a writer. 

Thank you Tamara for sharing! Some people, like Tamara, still aren't sure and you know what that's okay! You can find Tamara's blog 'Crazy Thoughts' here

And that's the end of my first blog series :(! I wanted this series to broadcast how diverse we are and that what we do or want to do makes a big impact. This is not only for ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with, but also to society. There have been some guest posters aspirations who are doing things we have never heard of! Or it has changed our views on what they do and develop a new found admiration for them! Yet, I also wanted to illustrate that some people do not know what they want to do BUT it doesn't stop them from dreaming. This is where we are the same. Everyone has dreams of what they want to be, what they want do and who they want to's just how we get there. Thank you SO MUCH to each of you that guest posted. I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed it!

The whole ethos of this blog series has been that wherever you are going or will end up, is that a journey of a thousand miles, always starts with a single step.


Starlight said...

Rebecca, thanks for having me here, it's a huge honour for me. I really like your blog and this series of guest posts is a wonderful idea, I enjoyed it very much!
Thank you again.

light208 said...

I loved this post. I've been a fan of Starlight's for some time.

"I wish I knew exactly what I want, just the way I did when I was 10."

I think we all feel like this some days.

Thanks to both of you. I shall enjoy exploring another new blog. :)

Alex(andra) said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks life at 10 was much easier. Good luck with the last of your education. You'll get things figured out. :)

And many thanks to you, Becca, for putting this on. It was really interesting!!

Happy Frog and I said...

I am a fan of Starlight's blog and I really enjoyed this guest post and also finding a new blogger to me.

I'm 40 next year and only just starting to live my writing dream so there is plenty of time. :-)

Doria said...

I know exactly how Starlight feels, but I'm almost 30. Booo! Oh well.. Still got time as does she! Thanks rebecca for sharing her post AND I LOVE YOUR TAKE ON THE 365 PROJECT! Awesome!

Barbara L said...

Have been a big fan of Starlight's for a while now. Enjoyed reading her post here.

caterpillar said...

Loved the post....and to Tamara, we're all in the same boat girl...I'm confused most of the time...

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