Monday, 28 February 2011

Theatre Land

I am terribly excited for this week. One because it was pay day at the weekend and doing lots of bank shifts has worked in my favour. I can spoil myself a little :)

Secondly, due to my extra pay I have finally booked tickets to see some shows I have wanted to see for ages. Some people spend their pennies on shoes, perfumes and my vice are shows. There is nothing better than sitting in a seat and watching a story develop LIVE in front of you. I find it mesmerising!

This Friday I am seeing Priscilla Queen of the Desert in London. It is a show I have particularly wanted to see for a while but have needed to see it before the 5th March. One of my favourite shows is Home and Away! (Laura and Ruth share this excitement for this show as much as I do!). It's an Australian soap and one of the characters has taken leave from the show to come and do Priscilla in London! Ray Meagher is a true Aussie and leaves the show this Saturday so I have managed to get tickets with my friend Mike for the day before he leaves *wipes brow.* And will I be one of the crazy fans at the stage door afterwards? Of course!

It's a really camp show full of drag queens, a bus and the Australian desert - so it will be lively to say the least!

I am also really lucky because my local theatre is owned by one of the biggest theatre companies the the UK. So I have booked tickets to see Avenue Q (basically the Muppets but for adults) for the end of March and Footloose (needs no explanation, amazing show and better than Fame!) in May!

I cannot wait to hop into theatre land soon!


Mere said...

Avenue Q and Footloose are amazing shows!!! You're going to LOVE them!!! Happy Monday :)

Love, Mere

Sheena said...

So jealous and so happy for you. Enjoy and give us your reviews. Have a great week!

ktjane said...

Have a great time! Saw Footloose once upon a time in NYC. The others I haven't seen, but have heard of. Can't wait to hear all about them!

Anne said...

Wow, have a wonderful time with all your shows! I *love* theatre!

Stacie said...

Sounds super fun, Rebecca! One thing about where I used to live, Nashville, Tennessee, is that it was a large city and had lots of opportunity to see shows at the theater. (Now, I didn't take advantage of this often when I lived there, but I had the opportunity...) I live in a smaller town now and being a bit older I do miss that. Can't wait to hear your reviews!

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