Friday, 7 January 2011

Project 365 Sept ~ Dec

The months of September to December were some days I would never forget. In fact, they were almost the first days of the rest of my life.

Sept 8th 2010 - This was my "well done" holiday to myself for qualifying. It was a brilliant trip to Portugal! I went para-sailing, swam with Dolphins and saw some amazing scenery. I loved every second and was a great way to unwind a little!

Sept 19th 2010 - Seeing and celebrating my Gran turn 80 years old was such a blessing. She has been through a lot since losing my Granddad and suffering ill-health. To celebrate something positive is something I will never forget.

Sept 28th 2010 - I left my weekend job in preparation for starting my nursing career. It was SO SAD! I received some lovely cards and presents. I still visit all my lovely elderly friends, they're a huge part of my life! By leaving this job made me realise how grown up I was actually becoming and how far I had come.

Oct 14th 2010 - I have always loved seeing musicals and as a treat from my friend James he took me to see Sister Act. AMAZING!!!

Oct 17th 2010 - Watching my brother turn 18 was a bitter-sweet event. I remember the day he was born and to see him blowing out his 18th birthday candles was strange. He had a lovely day (and cake).

Oct 18th 2010 - The first day of the rest of my life. Out went the white student uniforms and on went the stripy blue uniform. I'm qualified. My first day....of the rest of my career! It was a pretty surreal day.

Nov 3rd 2010 - November was a fun month. I got my first pay check and I decided to treat myself to a brand new car! I got a new Vauxhall Corsa and her name is Ruby. I feel so proud to be able to save and afford something like this.

Nov 26th 2010 - This beautiful couple are expecting their first baby! Sacha is one of my dearest friends and has been trying for a baby for quite some time. I busted into tears when she told me. I really cannot wait!!!

Nov 30th 2010 - And the snow came back...Winter has hit us and it just made me realise how quickly that year had gone!

Dec 10th 2010 - Christmas planning was in full swing in the Lobb household. I was really in the mood to celebrate this year. Compared to other years I was really bogged down with university work and clinicals. This year I could afford presents and nice presents for people. I knew I could afford to do more made it a lot more fun and festive!

Dec 24th 2010 - This day was an over-joyous day for my whole family. After ten years together my older sister and her partner got engaged!!! This was the custom made ring he bought her. It just made Christmas just that extra bit more special to celebrate. They plan to marry in 2012!

Dec 31st 2010 - I CANNOT believe a year has gone! I celebrated with a group of people I literally idolise and cherish. 2010 - what a year I had and I loved every second. I could seriously cry at how fun and special and hard it was all at the same time. 

What have I learnt from doing Project Life?

If there was one element from doing project 365 I have learnt the most is to cherish the smaller moments. There are some pictures where there are momentous occasions like my holidays, nursing qualification and birthdays. Don't get me wrong I am so HAPPY I have photographs of such specials times I will NEVER forget. But the ones I really adore are the ones that make up my everyday life. Such as the evenings hanging out with my friends, the snow, the mornings after the night befores, the travels to different places and so on. I love looking back and having those little moments documented as well.

Jan 28th 2010 - To some this may just be a snap of me holding a tin of cupcakes. But these cupcakes were made for my birthday by my friend Theresa. She spent her whole evening off work making these for me and I am so thankful for it. I am grateful that even though these cupcakes have seen satisfyingly digested I have it documented. I have a place where I can one day see what a lovely thing someone did for me and that is why I have loved doing this project!

Life does not have to be full of big gestures, big occasions and/or big experiences. It just has to be fulfilled and enjoyed. One day, if you can, participate in project 365. I know you'll love doing it just as much as I did.


a life of color said...

Your new car is so pretty! It is crazy to hear of car names that I have never heard of before!

Janet said...

I agree! It's been a super project, and helped a great deal in getting to know you! What a fabulous year you have had!

Carolynne said...

Well it sounds like Project 365 really was great for you! I hope to have as many memories and as much success as you! :D

Holly said...

Wow, your year was much more exciting than mine, lol! :P

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