Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Project 365 May ~ August

The summer months May - August are probably my favourite moments from the year.


May 6th 2010 - It was a big month in terms of politics for the country. I voted and the results were a coalition government. I wasn't very happy about it but it meant change and the government have made BIG changes to the running of this country.

May 13th 2010 - I started sponsoring a child from Ecuador. Wilson is a huge blessing to me and it has taught me the importance of serving for others. The reward is amazing.

May 28th 2010 - We also had some changes to our house. We had the lounge re-decorated. New stairs, new walls, furniture and sofa. It is much more chilled and relaxing :)

June 9th 2010 -  I handed in my dissertation!!! For 5 months I cried, slaved over and procrastinated from doing this. It felt so momentous finally handing it in. I got my social life back!

June 21st 2010 - I finally did it. I joined the gym and it was probably one of the best decisions I made that year. I feel much fitter and less tired!

June 28th 2010 - June signified the BBQ season. I had so many BBQ's this month I probably started to look like char-grilled food.

July 2nd 2010 - July was a month of slowing down and enjoying the company of my friends. If you go through my July pictures you'll notice that there are a lot of 'people' pictures. It was because I was spending more time socialising. I was far happier!

July 23rd 2010 - The graduation ball!!! Probably my favourite memory from 2010 altogether. 

July 24th 2010 - July was the biggest month for celebrating 21st birthdays. I had 4 to celebrate. This was Jay's 21st birthday BBQ!

August 5th 2010 - Qualification day! I found out I had passed my degree in Nursing. I was officially qualified. It was a very bitter-sweet day. I had achieved something I have always wanted but it meant leaving a great place of education and friends. I still miss it terribly!

August 19th 2010 - August signified the month of going to Spain to see Oli and have a holiday. It was so nice to relax and chill out!!!! I needed it!

August 25th 2010 - more relaxing!

The summer months were about finishing my degree, qualifying and spending more time with people. It made gearing up for the end of the year more exciting!

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Janet said...

My! You sure had a busy time!

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