Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bright Ideas Please.

Bright ideas needed please, in any way, shape or form :)

One of the Nurses I work with, Claire, recently moved in with her partner and she was saying that the cost of living is insane. I for one can agree with her and I bet I don't have half the outgoings she has now she owns a house. Everything just seems so expensive lately! Claire was voicing her anxieties in our break today and she desperately wants to save money. It just runs like water at the moment. We were talking of ways to try and save cash anywhere like food, cleaning, shopping etc.

So I want to ask you guys for advice on top money saving tips. What do you do to save your pennies? Is there anything you do more less/more of so you don't overspend?

I would love to go into work next week and have a compiled list of things that have worked for you to give to Claire. Plus, I will do a post next week of all yours ideas as a way of sharing your tips :).

I'll start off. Ever since I was little my parents have always bought the HUGE boxes washing/soap powder. And when putting a wash on they use half the cap recommend. Our clothes always come out really clean and it almost triples the amount of washes we can get out of a box. We never buy the washing tablets, even if on special offer, because they never last as long and are more often than not more pricey!

Please share your ideas :)


laura anne said...

1. Have a shopping list and STICK TO IT - always take advantage of special offers (if they are things you already use...don't be tricked by that marketing) and buy in bulk if you can.

(one way a group of young mums used to do this is to shop together and then split the bulk stuff to save money). Also make a big pot of soup/bolognaise or whatever and you can freeze the rest for a later date.

2. Collect those loyalty card points....then use them! I usually collect my nectar card points then use them at Christmas time. I convert my Tesco clubcard vouchers into BA airmiles or use them to get money off my shopping. I buy make up using my Boots Advantage Card points.

3. Find out what special deals are on in your area. Like the cinema I go to does half-price tickets on Tuesdays. So that's when I go to the cinema, that way I've had a treat but it's not cost me the earth.

4. Bicycles & walking keeps you fit, save you money on petrol and gym memberships.

5. Don't use credit cards.

6. Make a decision to put a certain amount of money (even as little as £10-20) in a high-interest savings account. Your money earns more and could come in real handy for unexpected bills/repairs or maybe a much needed holiday. I basically try to take whatever money is left in my bank account at the end of the month and put it into savings.

7. Don't go window shopping. It's amazing how much you realise you don't actually need, and how much you save from not buying that cute top or gorgeous pair of shoes.

8. Your soap powder thing - same goes for dishwashers if you have one!

9. Shop around for everything - insurance, food, attention to the small print

10. The most important thing: work out what it is you NEED as opposed to what you WANT. Don't spend what you don't have.

Kristen said...

Laura Anne's money saving ideas are brilliant. Especially the shopping around for deals. I have saved so much on my car and house insurance this year by looking around.

I love your soap powder idea. It does actually make think of how much I use because it costs a lot.

I have quite a few ideas:

1) I put foil down the back of my radiators in the winter. That way I use the heat the radiators do lose through convection. It keeps the room warmer for longer. It saves me a fair bit on my heating!

2) I have a Water Butt and use it for washing the car, watering plants etc. I love my garden and it saves having to use the hose and reeking up my water bill!

3) I never buy books. I only ask for them as presents. If I want to read a book I get it from the library or borrow from friends.

4) Meat is the most pricey thing in my shopping. So at the beginning of the month on my pay day I go to the supermarket and I buy my meat in bulk and ration it out over the month until my next shop. I do not buy any other meats over the month. It is really good because when I do run low I tend to eat more healthily or use Quorn! It is HALF the price of any other meats in my state.

Love this post and cant wait to see other peoples ideas!

jonandrews01 said...

Well I guess I'm saving money by being single at the moment! I work in a supermarket and I am a yellow ticket spotter. V
Best time to do the shop is in the evening. Head to the reduced stuff and see if you can use what's there in your meals ect. There's Some top stuff going for pennies it keeps and you can freeze it as well. I hate good waste and the amount my company bins is shocking you could feed a small town on the bread I get told to put in a skip! My best bargain was on Sunday in waitrose Walton on Thames bunches of tulips for 10p! 10 mins before the shop shut

Also why not buy Xmas stuff in jan sales? It's being given away now I got three rolls of paper for 6p (3p a roll and 3for price of 2) is the fact I'm. Msn who is good at the food shop thing a plus point? Anyway hope that helps!

Holly said...

I don't have anything to contribute that hasn't already been said, but I'm watching this list too... :)

Alex(andra) said...

I really don't have much to add to the list, but I'm always looking for ways to save pennies, too. Making bread at home is saving me lots of money, it's actually really cheap to make, and I think it's tastier, too. :)

Ruthy said...

What a good list! I have a budget that I stick to. I've recently started dealing in cash only. It makes you think as you walk around the supermarket and helps me not buy extra things. If I don't have any money left I can't buy it or I can't do fun things.
I also try and buy veg from a grocers rather than the supermarket - it means I can but the quantities I want. I only have a mini supermarket near me, which sells things in big pre-packaged things which I find might annoying!

Scott said...

Don't treat yourself with unexpected money, like a tax refund, instead save it, or use it to lessen/clear any debts, or put it toward something you've been saving for.

Do not use credit cards. _A_ credit card with a low limit that you can, do and will pay of monthly _might_ be a good idea to help with your rating.

Never miss payments or bills.

Get good at making soups and sauces. Freeze them. A good sauce makes cheap pasta great.

Libraries are brilliant for books, as are Oxfam shops.

CrysHouse said...

Menu plan! I was amazed at how much money I saved at the grocery store just by knowing what we were going to eat that week.

Then I just started putting money in a savings account. It hurt for the first couple of paychecks, but then I didn't even miss it. It wasn't long before I was able to up the ante until we were putting in quite a bit every month.

Oh and get a budget book and stick to it. Before I was working, we committed to spending only a certain percentage of our income on eating out and recreation and a certain amount on groceries. When it was gone, that was it.

Anne said...

Make a menu for your week, plan out your meals, and stick to that list when you grocery shop! Don't do "impulse" buying!

Do the "Envelope System" and budget out every paycheck each time. Plan ahead and divide out the cost for car insurance, home insurance, gas, and any other bills you know you're going to have and set that money aside, so when the time comes to pay the bill, the money is there.

Don't eat out! Cooking at home saves LOTS of money. Just a $6 meal here & there at fast food places really adds up when you're trying to save.

Weed out the things in your life that you don't really need to be spending money on. We all have those things... just decide what is most important and go with that. We can often on a lot less than we think we can.

Good luck with your tip-gathering!

Mere said...

Well considering I'm in college, I've had to become a tad more creative than I was living at home.

1) I get out cash at the grocery store and it lasts me then entire week for "extras." (eating out, shopping, etc.)

2) Clip those coupons! I don't like shopping sans coupons. I will...but it's not my fave thing to do, ya know?!

3) Plan ahead! I know what I'm eating and when I'm eating it in order to resist the temptation to go out and spend money where and when I don't need to.

Hope this helps Claire out :)

Love, Mere

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