Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blog Secret

I love taking part in anything and everything on other people's blog. It's fun and you meet lots of new people. I really enjoyed taking part in the blog 30 day challenge in November and I loved doing the blog swap with Jordy last month!

So have you ever wanted to write a blog post about something secret? Something you would like the world to know but don’t feel like you can say under your own name? Well now you can! My lovely friend Holly who lives in New Zealand is hosting Blog Secret 2011!

The concept is very simple. You write a blog post about something secret. Something you would like the world to know but don’t feel like you can say on your own blog.

Email your post to Holly at adventuresofholly[at]gmail[dot]com. Please remember to include the name and URL of your blog. Please submit it by February 4th to allow Holly time to put everything together.

On February the 5th-6th she will send you an email with someone else’s post in it. This post will have all names, web addresses and other identifying information removed from it, so even the person posting your secret won’t know it belongs to you. The only person who sees everybody’s submissions will be Holly herself. This email will also tell you which blog you can expect to see your secret on.

On the February 12th, you will copy and paste the secret emailed to you into a blog post and publish on your blog. Feel free to write an introductory message explaining what you are doing, but please leave the actual secret exactly as it is. Please also enable comments on this post so the secret’s author can receive feedback.

I know the whole point of blogging is that you should be able to say whatever you feel but this is simply meant to be fun. It could be a secret from your childhood, it could be something really minor, it could be little list of secrets. No-one will know :)

I hope you take part on February 12th 2011 in Blog Secret!


Janet said...

What a jolly good idea! Thank u for telling me about it! I need to get thinking!

Carolynne said...

Yes, I read about this on Holly's blog. I might participate. It seems fun. The only thing is that I have to think of something to write about! Haha.

Mere said...

I'm participating and I can't WAIT!! :)Happy Monday Becca <3

Love, Mere

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