Monday, 31 January 2011

Birthday Girl Dress

Next Tuesday I turn 22 years old and I am pretty excited! I never see birthdays as a year of getting older. I see it as a way of planning lots of really fun things for a very good reason. Plus, I think '22' looks like two swans :)

My friend Andy's birthday is just after mine and we are planning a night out with all our friends for food and dancing! But of course it's that dilemma again of finding a dress. You might remember last year I had a nightmare trying to find the perfect graduation ball dress. Luckily this time I don't have to be so classy and snazzy because it is just a nightclub I am going to.

But I still need a birthday girl dress. I have found 3 I really like..roll on the contenders. (Just ignore the ridiculously pretty model).


I love that it is two different designs in one and has a quite nautical theme to it. Plus I'm a typical 'pear' shape so the dress comes out at the right angle. But maybe I need a bit more colour?

I just love the colour, any type of green suits me the best because I have green eyes. I am not 100% on the neckline but I love the chiffon material and the way it pleats. My sister says it is a bit too 'loud' for me?

I have always said purple and pink don't suit me (because they don't) but I LOVE how the purple is detailed in. Plus, it is shiny! Also I really like the quirky shoulder straps and the belt would nip me in at the right place :) but is black too safe?

I don't expect you to love them like me but which do you prefer?

I really want a nice birthday girl dress for my birthday celebrations!


Kristen said...

Definitely number 3 for me. The dress isn't all black, it still has colour and I think it would suit you the best. I agree in number one you need a bit more colour and I really don't like number 2 sorry.

Whatever one you choose I am sure you will look beautiful! Bet your excited for your birthday now. Have fun choosing.

Janet said...

I love #2! It's fun and cute! Second choice would be 3 - very stylish. I am not crazy about #1 for an evening do - not "night clubbish" enough, although it is a lovely dress!
Hope you have an awsome party!

Alex(andra) said...

Hmm I think #3! With 2 being a second. I think #3 is gorgeous. Good luck!

Colette said...

No.2 by a long mile! I think the first is a little too casual for a special occasion.

I'm sure I always pick the aqua coloured dresses for you! That colour really matches your colorings.

ktjane said...

I am loving Number 2! If you can't be a little loud on your 22nd birthday when can you be?

a life of color said...

I love dress#1 probably because it is sooo my style! They all are pretty though :) Let us know what you decide!!

Also, you are right the number 22 does look like swans..I have never thought about that before.

Mere said...

I definitely prefer #2. It's so fun and light and it looks like something you (and I) would wear :) SO EXCITED for you!!!

Love, Mere

Sheena said...

I like #1 but the skirt isn't 'flowy' - I am assuming you will be dancing, so you need the skirt to give and twirl! :-) Between #2 and #3, I prefer #3.

Hope it's a great night out! Have fun!

Steph{anie} said...

Number two is gorgeous! The color would be fantastic with your skintone and hair color.

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, the green one is so pretty. I love color! So I'm voting for that one. :-D

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday!! I like the first one. You could always add a really nice bright green necklace to it, maybe with matching eyeshadow? I have a friend that pairs black with bright necklaces and it's amazing how good it looks.

Thanks for the comments - yes the trip for you to the rail museum would be a long one! Still experiencing insane weather here. Today north Queensland is preparing for a major cyclone - more north than us though. And the southern states which are usually colder are experiencing insane high temperatures!

Holly said...

Hmm, either 1 or 3 I think. :)

Anne said...

I love #2 - cute and flirty, but I'm not sure it's nightclub-style. My vote is #3! Have fun planning the party! :)

Stacie said...

I love #2! And I love the neckline. Less accessories to worry about... just earrings and bracelets. It's fun, young (not babyish) and flirty! I think #1 is cute but not clubbish. #3 would be my second choice, but I think #2 would suit you best. (I talk like I know you IRL. Maybe one day one of us will cross the pond...)

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