Monday, 10 January 2011

Baby Boom.

One of my many reflections of 2010 for me was the year of the crazy baby boom! I think it is one of the many things I am looking forward to this year. Since turning 21 and getting older a lot of my friends are getting engaged to their sweethearts and meeting new people. However, this year it was a total new ball game because a lot of people I know are having babies. You know when people say to you (maybe not?) "I seem to know someone who is pregnant or had a baby at the moment?" well up until recently I have never experienced that. Well at least not with the people I know very well.

So I want to savour this moment of excitement I have for my friends who have let me share their beautiful baby's or are going to become parents very soon. 

On October 31st 2010 (10 days early!) my old school friend Lacy gave birth to a beautiful 5lb 8oz little girl. I met her briefly when she was on the postnatal ward and my heart melted at how tiny she was.

Lacy's labour was text book. She was SO nervous about the labour because of the pain but she literally had a few contractions around midnight and then at 5am she went to the hospital expecting to still be in the early stages. She was 8cm dilated! Then within the next hour Grace Evelyn was born. 

You might remember in 2009 I announced my old holiday pal Charlotte give birth to baby Jack. Well in November 2010 they became a family of 4! Charlotte never hid her desire for more children and wants her children to be close in age. On November 19th after an 8 hour labour and only being 1 day overdue she gave birth to baby George. Jack ADORES his new little brother!!!

I shared a couple of weeks back that one of my best friend's Sacha and her fiancĂ© Kevin are due with baby Caitlin or baby Luke on July 14th next year. She is 14 weeks now and the sickness has started to dwindle. Also, her baby bump is starting to show. I still cant believe one of my best friend's is going to become a Mummy - I really cannot wait to meet baby Muckle!

And just last week this ridiculously cute couple are expecting their own little baby. I went to college and university with Kaylee but she moved to London with her partner Jimmy *sniff* last summer. I am going to be on holiday when she is due so I have told her she cannot go into labour until I am home hehe. Kaylee is just born to be a Mum! She has a real knack with kids and is a brilliant Aunt to Mia. 

Jimmy and Kaylee are just ecstatic. It was a surprise baby because Kaylee was on the oral contraceptive but she has fallen in the tiny percentage of it not working even though she has taken it religiously. They really will make great parents!!!

Baby Headdon will make his/her appearance late June 2011!

Plus, Callie is expecting her baby boy in March and Brittney is expecting her little girl in April. I have followed their blogs for a while and I know how much falling pregnant and the chance of becoming parents means to them. I CANNOT WAIT to 'meet' your little ones!!!

I wish all this baby madness has made me broody but I am far from it. I am more than happy to see parenthood happen to other people I know for a while. Baby boom it certainly is!


Callie Nicole said...

I feel like I know so many other girls who are having babies too, an every time I go to the store lately I seem to see someone who is pregnant - it really does seem like a baby boom! Thanks for mentioning me too, Becca, I can't wait to "introduce" him to you!

Brittney Galloway said...

I've always been told that there will come a time in my life when it seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant. Now, it's not everyone, obviously, but it sure does seem like alot of people are!!

Holly said...

Wow! That sure is a lot of pregnant people! One of my friends from TColl just posted ultrasound photos on Facebook today! So cute! :)

Janet said...

Exciting stuff! Babies bring their own love and so much joy!

tonya said...

Just wanted you to know I'm still here, still reading!! Always look forward to it. :)

Mere said...

I feel like there are a lot of babies being born around here too...moreso my customers having babies versus people I actually know but still....I LOVE IT TOO!!

Love, Mere

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