Saturday, 31 December 2011

Reflecting on 2011

I think I am in the same boat as many who think this but WHERE has 2011 gone? It has flown by and now on the eve of 2012 I am about to reflect on this speedy year. Even though this year has passed by scarily quick it does seem only fitting to make my last post of 2011 about the year itself. I have based my reflective questions on the ones posed by Simple Mom in her blog!

1) What was the single best thing that happened this past year?
Personally for me it was going to New York. I had wanted to go there since I was little so it really was a dream come true. It made my 2011 complete!

2) What was the single most challenging thing that has happened?
I'd have to say work. 2011 was my first full year being a nurse and as much as I love it I have never been so frustrated and upset at times too! The NHS is a HUGE sector and I have had to care for some not so nice people and work alongside some right "idiots" too! Having the challenge of accepting that's what it will be like at times can be hard, especially as I am such a perfectionist!

3) What was an unexpected joy this year?
Most definitely my sister and her fiancĂ©e annoucning they're expecting my future niece/nephew next April! The whole family are still beyond thrilled and excited.

4) Pick 3 words to describe 2011.
Unexpected, adventurous and impulsive!

5) What were the most entertaining things you have seen/done this year?
Where do I start? Meeting Alf from Home and Away twice. Visiting Edinburgh and finally being able to climb Arthur's Seat (and meet Laura Anne!). Seeing the delights of Rome, Italy. I loved seeing Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Wicked, The Wizard of Oz & Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Having fish nibble at my feet in a day spa. Being on the radio for the first time! Hosting my first blog series. Pretending to hate Zumba but secretly loving it. Shall I stop now?

6) With whom were your most valuable relationships?
Probably with these guys. Tambra, Andy, Danny, James, Neale and Jay! There are times I could have killed them this year but we really are like glue and will always stick together. My relationship with my Mum also got stronger. I have never relied on her so much to look out for me this past year. She is one very special person!

7) What was the biggest single time waster of your life this year?
I don't think I have ever cried so much in 2011! So many tears wasted on people that don't matter now, on some mean patients that didn't care that I cared for them so much, on arguments that didn't need to happen. I could go on and on but I won't...the tears just weren't worth it!

8) What are you most proud of doing this past year?
I'd have to say graduation was such a highlight. All that hard work for 3 years and being recognised for it by getting my degree. I loved it and was very proud!

9) What was the most enjoyable aspect of this year for you?
When I think of 2011 NYC is high up there but I have to say the first thing I think of was the summer holiday I took with Tam and the lads to Spain! I really enjoyed every moment (even the Neale nearly getting arrested part). We still laugh about what went down during the 10 days in June and I really enjoy that!

10) How did you spend Christmas 2011?
I spent Christmas Eve with the family at home. Nicola, Robbie and bump came over for a take away and we watched Christmas films. I hadn't seen Nicola since NYC and she is certainly more pregnant! On Christmas day I worked an early shift and was able to finish at 2pm. I know a lot of people hate working Christmastime but I don't mind it at all. After all my patients didn't get to go home and I did. It certainly was something I was grateful for! Then I headed home for a Christmas meal with Mum, Dad, Rach, Phil, Gran, Aunty Lucy and Uncle Paul. We played board games and generally had a lot of fun!

11) What did you do in 2011 that you hadn't done before?
I was a lot more impulsive. I booked holidays I could have only ever dreamt of going on which has made 2012 a year to very much look forward to! Oh and I turned 22 years old =]

12) Finally your plans for 2012, what are you most looking forward to?
So so so much! I am most looking forward to being an Aunty in April!!! I am excited for Barcelona next month, California in March and going to Australia in November eekk!!!! I'm excited for London to host the 2012 summer Olympics too. Plus, after Australia I plan to start saving for my own place (but that can wait to 2013, see I am getting ahead of myself already!) As much as I enjoyed 2011, I cannot wait for 2012 to start. 

I have never been a fan of new years resolutions but there is something quite therapeutic about a new year dawning and having a fresh new calendar page to set upon. In whatever way 2011 has turned out for you I really hope it has been a good one. Also, if you like feel free to use these questions to reflect on 2011 before the turn of the clock tonight

See you in 2012 everyone!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Monday, 19 December 2011


This is a pride thing for me but I hate to fail. I'd find it weird if someone actually did like failing. But this week I felt like a failure.

I had to do a maths exam this week in order to progress with the responsibility of being in charge. Those baby steps I talked about with my manager are still happening...and this test was one of them. I am meds trained and as a nurse I can give drugs to people. However, my hospital have brought out this extra maths test for nurses in charge. Maths and I fall out BIG time! It was the subject I despised at school and I really struggle with the point of hyperventilating tears over the darn maths language (because that's what it is to me, it might as well be Chinese writing!)

I took the test and I failed. I found out today I failed by one mark. One flipping measly point!

I was beside myself on Thursday after the exam. I just knew I had done badly even though I revised and practised and practised. But I still failed. I just could not shake it off. I know I can re-sit it. I know that I can pass and I know where I went wrong but I felt like a failure. I have never failed an exam in my life and I guess it is a pride thing. I know I should get over myself!

I failed at something to do with my career and I felt awful. A nurse that can't add up or convert without the help of others. A nurse who sees mls and mg as another language. I felt like I didn't deserve my role any more. As exaggerated as that sounds I really did!

To say the weekend was quite depressing was an understatement. I felt miserable and anything someone would say to cheer me up I would not allow it to make me feel better. One of my good cyber friends sent me a link to a video which said "to never fail = you haven't lived" and it's so true! I have failed in other things (i.e. took me 3 times to pass my driving test haha) but because this was directly linked with a job I am insanely proud to be doing. It really hurt!

It wasn't until yesterday when I went into town and I saw a man looking really puffed out and more blue than he should look for winter! I told him to sit down and he told me he was having a bad angina attack. He had his medication with him but everyone was panicking that he was having a coronary! Trust me, he wasn't but he was carrying his necessary meds and I helped him take it, then he felt better and carried on Christmas shopping! He didn't know I was nurse and the last thing he said was "we need more caring people like you in the world" and it was then I realised. 

I don't need to be an Einstein at Maths to be a good nurse. It would help but it doesn't and shouldn't affect the care one receives. 

Whatever you aren't so good at, please remember this. Failure doesn't define what you do or who you are. Maths can go do one in my book! But I'm going to get through it, just not right now. So whether your not good at art, driving, seeing friends as well as you should do or just rubbish at remembering the time of day. To fail = means your living and your human! It just took a million tears to realise it :)

Oh and who likes my family Christmas tree? Decorating it certainly cheered me up!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

#24Christmas guest post.

One of my favourite parts of blogging is guest posting! It's such a great way to "meet" other bloggers and learn things too. My good pal Laura Anne is doing a blog series about Christmas and what it means to us. The posts so far have been really interesting and I encourage you during this festive season to hop on over and have a peek/read. Today my post is making an appearance...and I'll start with a little snippet.

"When I was 11 years old I helped out with my school nativity play. I was about to start secondary school the following year and they don't "do" the nativity tradition. I loved helping out with the nativity props, script and seeing all the adorable children wanting to wear tea towels for hats so they could take part. It made Christmas more festive and I miss it terribly...."

To read to rest of this post on nativity head on over here and read the rest. I hope you like it! It's trending as #24christmas on twitter!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Doing something different

This weekend just gone was one of the best I have had in a while, and this makes me very happy! :)

The guys and I were celebrating Danny turning 23 and he decided he wanted to go Go-Karting. I, initially, was so up for going. I have only ever been once and that was in Spain, in glorious sunshine and with 3 other people on the track. This time I was going to be the only girl with 5 VERY competitive guys and another team of lads from a bachelor party. Was I nervous? Very! 

I had no reason to be though as it was really good fun. I didn't race it like Mario but I did enjoy it so much! I came in last place but I didn't crash, get helmet hair or get bumped too much! Go-Karting isn't something you get to do everyday so it was nice to do something different!!!

James, Jay, Chris, Andy, Danny and myself.

Happy Birthday Danny!!! 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Best Marriage Proposal Ever!

On my night shift the other day it got to 2am and a rare thing happened. Marian and I were SO bored. All the patients were asleep, stable and we actually were sat twiddling our thumbs. We had a cleaning list to do but we found You Tube instead. We were watching/ listening to videos quietly and we came across some funky marriage proposals that were just amazing! These girls that are proposed to are seriously the luckiest girls ever. 

The first one was Marian's favourite. I just LOVE the dancing! I'd seriously keep pinching myself to wake up if it happened to me. Have a peek (you need to spare 14 mins though!)

This was my favourite one. I am a true romantic at heart and this was head over heels to the moon and back romantic!!! 

Crazy huh? Whoever proposes to me have a lot of work cut out now I know that these videos exist haha! Which one do you like? Or share ones you have seen!

Monday, 5 December 2011

A mix of everything.

I have been fairly quiet on the blogging front for a couple of weeks. I pre-planned the last couple of posts which I hardly do unless I am away on holiday.

The main reason is because I was feeling (to put it bluntly) like crap. I went through a period for about a week where as soon as I went to bed I would cry, proper crocodile tears. I had no idea why but I just felt really sad and alone.

The weird crying soon stopped and all of a sudden I was just angry...all the time. I was angry at my friends, family and even my patients. I didn't want to nurse them one bit, in fact I didn't want to be at work full stop!!!

Things really heated up last weekend when I had a massive argument with my brother and sister. It was over something trivial but it was the last straw. So I moved out for a couple of days to get away from it all. I luckily had a couple of days off from work and a great friend who talked things through with me. I needed to work out why I was so darn miserable!

Once I started talking the understanding soon arrived and I came to realise some things that I hope at least some of you can relate to.

  • Three of my friends are moving, to other countries. My work pal Marian is off to New Zealand to nurse out there, my close friend Andy is off to Australia for a year and my old school mate Tom is going to Canada for good. They all leave in January within 4 days between them going. It is only now that I realise how little time I have left with them and just how MUCH I am going to miss their company. It just really really sucks! The part that hurts the most is they really don't realise how much they mean to me and with 7 weeks til they leave I have only just realised myself :(
  • Work has been TOUGH! The longer I am qualified the more responsibility I get in terms of managing the ward and staff etc, which I don't like. I find it very gratifying that I am trusted to be in such a position but I am also just a year qualified and only 22! It's scary and there are days where I dread going to work because I don't want to be put in charge of 26 patients and 7 members of staff. I don't do delegation (my friends would tell you differently haha!)
  • There has been a lot of angst in my closest group of friends. I won't go into the details because it's unfair on them but it just feels like we're drifting apart. I feel like I have to make so much more effort for the group to remain together to the point I give up. It should not have to be this hard!
  • Finally, one of my dreams has been to work in a third world country and take part in a nursing programme for a couple of weeks. Unicef approached my hospital and wanted to know if anyone was interested. Was I interested? YES!!! Can I afford 2k+spending to go? No! It sucks how money has such an influence on things :(
It feels better just typing it out on my blog and to just vent it out. When I get upset I regress. I don't like opening up to people. I'm a good listener for others but I never want to burden people with my issues. However, things have gotten better!

I went back home Friday and we all apologised so things are better on the home front. I talked to my manager about my insecurities and we agreed to build me up slowly. I have no choice I have to learn to take charge of my ward but I will in baby steps. My friends are still going away :( - but I feel more happy for them than sad for me. The guys and I are going Go-Karting this weekend, it will be awesome to see them!!! And the Unicef programme can wait and even if it doesn't happen that's okay.

I think I've realised that I can't cram everything I want to do in life right this second, which before the meltdown seemed possible! Is anyone else like that? I always take on TOO much and I'm too young to be doing it. "Just bloody well enjoy yourself girl!" is what I keep saying to myself right now. I need to learn how lucky I am to have friends to miss, to have a job I do really enjoy and that I have a family to argue with sometimes. And friends who send me these surprises to cheer me up...(thanks Neil!)

So yeah that's what's been happening in a but shell. I am MUCH happier right now and I have so much to look for ward to in the lead up to Christmas in 20 DAYS!!! Please tell me you've had your moments too and make me feel a little sane right now?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

#Right to Strike.

In the UK over 2/3 of the country (who work) work in the public sector and yesterday those people were striking. The majority of nurses, fire fighters, teachers, social workers etc were on the streets enforcing their right to strike.

The reason? Is not to do with pay, like many strikes are. It is to do with our pensions. The government were newly formed in May 2010. We were told that that had to make a saving of £12 billion to sustain our future. I cannot speak for other public sector organisations. But I know for a fact that the government pledged to the NHS (our national health service) that they would leave our pensions alone.

Fast forward to November 2011 and this was all one big fat lie and to say I am angry is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

The government announced plans earlier this year and more clearly last night that public sector workers will have to work longer in order to keep our pensions. We will have to put more money into our pensions ourselves and that the government would TAX US MORE the more we put in. How that makes sense? let alone fair? still puzzles me! In fact I sat down with my Mum this afternoon and with the rate economy is going and the amount (I can just about afford) to put into my pension. I would have to work until I am 81!!!!!


I know I am naive to say this but when 2/3 of your country work within this sector you would have thought your government would use their ears a bit more instead of piss them all off.

I'm a nurse and I am extremely proud to be one. I signed up for this career for the rest of my life. I don't expect perks. I don't expect an amazing pension. I don't expect a fantastic wage. But I do expect support from our government. Especially when they want us to look after the sick, teach our children, stop illegal immigrants from entering the country and supporting families in social crisis! I know many people are saying public sector workers are just making things worse for ourselves and maybe we are, and sometimes, just maybe, we have to take risks!!

So do I totally relate to why people are striking? Yes. 100%!

Am I taking part? No.

I can't sacrifice my job to do it. Not in the sense that I'd be fired (that's a bit extreme) but when I took the oath to be a nurse. I meant it. And I simply can't leave patients ill in a bed needing nursing care desperately, instead to stand with a placard in the street.

I support them. I have signed numerous petitions about my disgust at this plan to "sustain our future" when if they do this the public sector won't have a future! I have written to my local member of parliament and area councillor. I am proud of everyone who protested today and giving us a voice. Thank you!

I refuse to be told I am not taking part, when I am. I just love my job and my patients too much to leave them to take to the streets. 

What has annoyed me the most today is that our government didn't even take the time to address the millions of people who peacefully protested (August rioters take note of that...). All our PM had the audacity to do was say this "the protests have had little effect on our democratic decision today." It just makes my blood boil. Well when the ambulance crews are 50% down, the kids raiding Burger King begging for another day off school, A&E piling up with trauma cases but no nurses to pump chests and illegal immigrants entering the country and stealing off the government budgets. Don't have the nerve to say the protests had no effect....I'm not pleased it came to this but it really has to be a two way street. The government can't sustain a future without us and the public need the government to provide and listen!

But to everyone who went out there and are still there. Good luck and be proud!!!

So what do you think? #right to strike or #wrong to strike?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What I'm Loving Lately.

I have never been a lover of diets and crazy fads to stay fit and lose weight etc. In fact, fad diets, pills and weight loss adverts are in my top ten " let's moan about it" subjects haha. 

I have never been obsessed about my weight. I don't calorie count. I watch what I eat but I try to be good when eating. I don't weigh myself either, not because I hate them, but because I know that if my clothes feel to tight I need to lose a little. Anyone else measure by their waistline and not the weighing scales?

In saying that I seem to get myself into a rut every summer. You know when the bikinis come out and your going on holiday? Of course you want to look good. I want to look good! A lot of my friends say they tend to 'let themselves go' after Christmas and in winter. You know when it's warm and all you want to do is snuggle under a duvet and eat chocolate? (that does in fact sound amazing right now!)

I 'let myself go' every summer which to me is the worst time. I wish I knew what it is but I gorge, go out for more meals, eat more than I should on BBQ's and always find when it comes to getting my winter wardrobe out. It feels a tad too tight! It happens every.single.summer and I wish I could blame the sunshine but the UK doesn't get thaaaat many summer heat waves. But I am happier in the summer and when it is lighter outside. The longer the daylight hours the more hours I get to eat, seems only fair right? I wish!

So this winter I decided I need to lose those extra pounds. I go to the gym and do three 30 minute work outs a week which works perfectly for me. It's doesn't always go that way with my eating habits though. I eat more chocolate and biscuits than I care to admit sometimes.

My friend Angie at work told me about this website and phone app called 'My Fitness Pal' and at first I rolled my eyes. Another one of those "we can make you thinner in so many weeks' kinda thing. I wasn't interested. Then I started seeing Angie looking better and better as the weeks went by!

Maybe this thing does work? So I decided to try it out and this is what I am absolutely loving lately!!!!

It's simple. You input what you eat, drink and exercise daily. It works out the calories, fats, sugars, what you should be eating more and less of all for you. At first I kept forgetting to put my food in but if you make a habit of doing it at a set point in the day (I do mine before bed) you get into a routine. I want to not like this but it really does help!!!

It isn't so much the calorie counting and that for me. It has made me realise what pointless things I eat/drink that I don't need to!!! For example last week I ate 4 biscuits at work (not a lot right?) but when I put it into my fitness pal it worked out I could have eaten a whole box of grapes, 2 oranges and a cereal bar for the same amount of calories. It sounds obvious when you think about it but not when your reaching your hand for the biscuit tin. Plus, I don't feel like I am dieting or excluding food one bit. I quite enjoy it in a weird way!

I eat a lot better now. Of course I still eat chocolate (I'd be a freak not to!) but I am more aware of my eating habits. It's funny I had never heard of this app before but as soon as I started using it everyone was raving about it!!!

*pictures credited to my fitness pal.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Priscilla Bus.

Last week after retuning from NYC I also had the pleasure of spending some time in my version English New York too. I got to spend a day in London!

Even though I live a 25 minute train ride from my capital I don't go there as much as I like too and this has got to change. I love London. It has so much to see, do and offer so when Oli came to visit last week I made it a mission to take him there.

At first we visited London Aquarium along the Southbank. I have never been before and I do love the sea! (I'll try and add pictures of the fishes, sharks and penguins when I get them off my camera!). Plus, it made me appreciate the Ocean a little bit more. It really is a whole world down there and us as humans totally take it for granted.

Afterwards Oli and I did a little Christmas shopping in central London. It was SO neat to see all the Christmas lights lit up. I won't lie I felt very festive that evening and it was only mid November! It's never too early in my book.

Then I led Oli home saying we had to get back to do my local pub quiz. Was I lying?

Of course I was.

I have a habit of doing surprises for people and I will give myself credit for this. I am pretty awesome at making them surprises. As we were heading to the station Oli said "We had better get back for the pub quiz? and I said "I think we should hurry and to get to your birthday present!" - his face was priceless!

I had organised weeks before to take him to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I love the theatre and whenever Oli is over here in the UK I always make an effort to take him to a show... because London really does do the BEST shows! But he was also going to be meeting some other people too.

Some of my awesome blog friends! Ruth, Mike, Laura Anne, Oli and I.

Last year Ruth, Laura Anne and I tried to go and see this show. We share a love affair for the Aussie soap Home and Away and in particular are fans of Ray Meagher who plays Alf in it. But we couldn't go :(. I went and saw the show in March, met Alf and I just knew I had to see this show again.

It IS camp, hilarious, quite rude in places but such good entertainment. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it was a brilliant evening out and I think Oli enjoyed his birthday present! I had met Laura Anne back in June and have known Mike for about a year. But it was the first time I had met Ruth. It was so good to finally meet her and also just as good to see Laura again too!

Yay for amazing blog friendships!!! I'm very lucky.

Plus, just to make the night even better....we all got to meet our Aussie LEGEND!  Ray Meagher a.k.a. ALF!!
Thank you to Laura Anne for the pictures, they're priceless. I am so glad we got to do it and thanks to all of you for making Oli feel so welcome.

It was a brilliant day and night that I only wish we could repeat again.

Monday, 21 November 2011

New York Day 3

This was our last day and first we had to pack. I did not like this...we were leaving our lovely hotel room. If you go to NYC stay at the Millennium Hilton. The beds are amazingly comfy, the freebie bath stuff I kindly took home (hehe) and it was really spacious.  Below is a picture of myself in the hotel room with the space ground zero bores behind me. I still find it weird that over 10 years ago this window would have been blocked by the twin towers.

We spent the morning shopping and we spent the majority of this down 5th Avenue where all the expensive shops are. No lie outside the Cartier shop you had to go round with a personal security guard (what a way to make a tourist feel happy to shop there!). However the best shop? Here's a clue...

You can do easily get lost in there!!! But we all LOVED Macy's - LOVEEEED IT! Everyone says how awesome NYC is for shopping and I totally agree. I could have bought so much more. There were some great deals and some not so great deals (like the make up? OUCH!) but on clothes and shoes = amazing! We fell in love with this place.We spent two hours in there shopping. I bought some black boots (reduced from $150 to $79!) and some Christmas goodies for my friends. Nicola did all her Christmas shopping too! I really could have stayed in there all day. We also went to Century 21 but it gave me a headache - it was a mess, good deals, but I couldn't work my way round from tripping up on clothes haha.

The one thing we didn't get to do was go up the Empire State building. We were tempted to go up on this day but because we had gone up Rockerfella we thought was a waste of money. We still went a stood outside which was ace!

We then went back to Times Square as Nicola and Robbie wanted to get some baby stuff. We bought the baby a gift too...too cute right?

 She's 16 weeks now and her bump is finally starting to make an appearance!

Nic and Robbie in Times Square.

After lunch we headed down into China Town and Little Italy. I did not have my camera out for this point but it was an interesting contrast to central NYC. Last but not least we headed to Brooklyn bridge - it was blustery!

I was surprised how long a stretch it was to walk across. It took us a good 45 minutes! Then we headed back to the hotel to grab our cases to head to JFK. Picture moment this was too....I was so excited to go in a yellow Taxi (just Robbie got in the way!)

As we were driving to the airport I won't lie...I had a little cry to myself. I really did not want to go home, despite the cruddy feeling in the beginning. I had the best time! On our way we went through Times Square and I took this picture on my sister's camera. This sums up New York perfectly...

Full to the brim with life. Busy. Vibrant. Exciting. Almost like a different planet and it's because of this as to why people return. I will return again someday. I just know I will. Now I can safely and happily say New York is crossed off my 'to visit list'

Thursday, 17 November 2011

New York Day 2

Waking up on day 2 felt so much better. We were all in a much better mood and the jet lag wasn't so bad. This was my favourite day out of the entire stay.

First thing we did was breakfast - nom nom! I had heard about this diner in Manhattan that was Glee style. It was called the Stardust Diner situated on Broadway. All the waiters were aspiring singers, dancers and choreographers and they all sung whilst you were eating your food. I LOVED it! I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea but it was neat to be somewhere so different. I'll repeat again but we don't get places like that here in the UK.

Stardust Diner - Micah singing!

Then after breakfast we headed off to this beautiful place. Central Park was in my top 3 places to go to. It looked so pretty in Autumn and it is HUGE!!! You can so easily get lost in there. 

We decided the best way to see all of Central Park was do a Horse and Cart ride around it. It was fairly priced and something different. This is us 4 in the Horse/Cart below before setting off. It's $110 for 45 minutes which between the four of us wasn't bad. I recommend it!

The guy who was carting us also gave us a good tour guide of places like the boathouse, the Dakota building where John Lennon was killed, the rocks where the Home Alone kid met the old bird woman and this place...(sorry for the blurry picture).

F.R.I.E.N.D.S fountain. This is the fountain they filmed in for the opening credits. Rach and I were so excited when the tour guide said this because it was watching re-runs of Friends back from 1998 that made us want to visit NYC!

We then got lunch and then did something I have ALWAYS wanted to do in NYC. That's see a show on Broadway! Nicola and I really wanted to see Wicked but it was sold out so we settled on Chicago. It was brilliant. I have never seen Chicago before so in that aspect I loved it. I won't lie though I prefer the theatre back at home. It's much more spectacular and London Broadway really goes to town with things. In saying that I would still see a show in New York again!

We saw a matinee showing so when we got out it was dark. We then decided we would do Empire State or Rockerfella centre. Then we heard that Empire state was closed due to the wind - it was really windy in NYC that day. My hair sure told me about it that night trying to get the knots out! So we headed to Rockerfella and I was SO impressed.

 I absolutely LOVE this photo I took of the Rockerfella building!

I was so excited to get the the top. The atmosphere was really festive down below on the ground. They were building the Christmas Tree whilst we were there. Plus, I also saw the infamous Today Show set across the street. Up at the top was another venture. I cannot put into words how taken aback by the scene I was!

Remarkable isn't it? 
Plus I still got to see The Empire State all lit up!

After spending about an hour up there we headed to Ruby Tuesdays near Times Square for dinner. It was our first proper meal out there so we devoured our food. I just remember coming back to the hotel that night saying to my sister how an Earth did we manage to fit in so much?! And the sad fact was we had more day left in this magical city :(.

Day 3 will be posted soon! Enjoy! 
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