Thursday, 28 October 2010

Blog Challenge!

Over the past couple of months I have seen many bloggers do the 30 day blog challenge. So I thought it was high time that I did it and I'm really pleased I am. It is pretty simple :). You publish a post everyday following the topic the challenge sets you. There are different challenges out there but I am going to follow the 30 day challenge below.

So if you want to join in please do. I have already pre-planned about half my posts as I do not want to fall behind. I know that 'life' can get in the way so I want to keep up. Please join in if you would like to, it should be fun and some of the topics are quite interesting :)

30 Day Blog Challenge.

1) Your favourite song.
2) The meaning behind your blog name.
3) Your favourite television programme.
4) Favourite book.
5) Favourite quote and why.
6) List 20 of your favourite things.
7) Favourite films.
8) Talk about a great place you have travelled to.
9) Share a photo of your friends.
10) Share something your afraid of.
11) A recent photo you took.
12) What do you believe?
13) Your life goals.
14) A picture you love.
15) Your dream house.
16) Share something your OCD about.
17) What are you really looking forward to?
18) Your wedding/future wedding/wedding you have attended.
19) What do you miss?
20) Nicknames you have.
21) Favourite food.
22) A website you enjoy looking at or care deeply about.
23) A video you have made or enjoy watching.
24) The town you live in.
25) Put your i-pod/i-tunes on shuffle what are the first ten songs?
26) Plans for the weekend ahead.
27) Your Pets.
28) What's in your handbag?
29) Favourite show or concert you have been to.
30) What do you love about life right now?

It is okay to change it a bit because on some challenges I saw that the topics did not relate to me at all. So I altered a little to suit me :)

Most of all have fun and I hope you enjoy my posts for the next 30 days from the 1st November! Squeee!

In more recent news my job is going really well. I PROMISE to share more very soon. I am really looking forward to this weekend as it is my local fireworks display. I love fireworks!  Each year when bonfire night rolls around I regress in age. I cannot wait to have a night out with my friends eating candy floss and drinking apple cider. I just get memorised how small pieces of gunpowder can have such a beautiful effect in the night sky :) 

Woking Fireworks 2009!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Feeling Autumnal.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. I just love typing the word because it sounds and looks pretty. At first I had not noticed Autumn settle in as it still felt like late summer here in the south of England.

Just recently I have noticed that slight chill in the air. Opening my curtains in the morning to see chimneys smoking into the sky. I have even worn my winter coat a couple of times. It starts to get dark a little earlier in the evening. I just find that everything feels that little more calmer outside. 

My favourite part about Autumn are the colours! I love driving home and seeing the once greens leaves turning yellow, gold, red or orange. I love seeing it all scattered on the roads and in my garden. 

This is the tree next to my house. The green leaves slowly turning gold. I love it.

It is a shame the next season is my least favourite - Winter ick!

How are you enjoying Autumn/Fall?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tag I'm It!

It seems there is a tag-festival going on at the moment =]. So when Caroline from A Life Of Color tagged me I was pretty happy to take part. Thanks Caroline!

Her questions were:

(1) What is your favourite piece of jewellery you own?
Up until February it was my Tiffany bracelet but for my 21st I received a limited edition Links of London Sweety bracelet. I wear it all the time and I cannot wait to add my charms to it.

(2) What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?
I am not known for being spontaneous but para-sailing this year was pretty spontaneous and a kind of spur of the moment decision.

(3) Favourite colour?
YELLOW! I love it. It's fresh, happy and it just stands out.

(4) In your opinion what makes a great first date?
It may sound cliche but just being themselves. I have met guys who are great and then when we go on the date they try to be extravagant, try to really impress you and be over the top. When to be honest it is not really the reason why I said yes to going out with them. I am not really fussed where we go as long as it isn't in a really busy place.

(5) Your biggest pet peeve?
I have quite a few but I think the main one is when people cannot pronounce words properly or form a correct sentence. I hate words such as "innit" and "yeah like"....

(6) Favourite dessert?
Anything with chocolate!!! At my favourite restaurant they do a chocolate brownie sundae - it's the best. In fact whenever I go to a restaurant I decide what I am having for dessert first before I choose my main.

(7) Dream car?
I am not really into cars. As long as it is a nice colour and drives then I am pretty happy. However, a Mini Cooper would be lovely!

(8) Favourite toy as a child?
I did not have a favourite toy as a child. But I did have a blanket that I was obsessed with called "Ticket" - it went everywhere with me.

These are my questions.

1) What are the 3 places you would like to go and visit?
2) Tell me about something you really care about?
3) What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
4) What is your favourite part of the day?
5) What is your favourite film?
6) If you could ban one thing what would it be?
7) Are you superstitious?
8) Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?

I will be tagging:

Now I have to tag 8 people with 8 new questions for them. I will be tagging...

Alex - Only Human.
Laura Anne - Learning From Sophie.
April - My Uncensored Vegas Life.
Carolyn - Confessions of a Somewhat Confused Scot.
Holly - The Adventures of Holly.
Mere - The Babblings of Mere.
Ruth - Ruthy's Ramblings.
Steph - Plan B.

Have fun!
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