Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Child Sponsorship.

Child Sponsorship.

It was always something I have heard of. It was on the adverts that I admit I switched over to another channel when they were on. They were in the newspapers where I flicked over to the next page to see if there was something more interesting to read. I have even heard it on the radio where I have tuned into another radio station that had the latest song I wanted to hear. I always took a blind eye, not on purpose, but because I never wanted to open my eyes to the poverty these children live with 27/7, 365 days a year. Who, quite simply, want some love and help in their lives. 

After doing my research, with thanks to Laura, Steph and Carolyn, and reading up about the various bloggers trips. I decided I could afford some money to be put aside to a child each month instead of going towards a new nail varnish or a trashy magazine. 

I turned to Compassion and I spend £21/$32 a month on a person who is worth every penny :)

Meet Wilson.

Isn't he adorable? I love writing to him. I love sharing new things with him. I love learning about him. I received a letter from him the other day and he was so funny and cute!

One of my biggest worries was that Compassion is a Christian based organisation and I openly admit I am not a Christian. However, they have been so welcoming. I may not be able to share the Gospel with him the way I would like to but I know Compassion can do that. I can let him know that he is loved, that I am more blessed to get to know him the more we correspond and that he has added more value to my life than what £21/$32 is ever worth!

The other day I met up with a friend who asked me to add up the value of all the "amenities" I spend each month e.g. magazines, make-up, perfume, games. It came to £41/$62!!! It's crazy how much stuff we buy that we do not really need.

So if you have ever thought about sponsoring a child then please, please, PLEASE do. It will enrich your life more than you will know. There are so many out there like:

Or if anything the next time you see, read or hear about sponsoring a child or their family. Please don't ignore them like I did, just listen. There are millions of families and children in poverty out there just waiting to be heard.

Do you sponsor a child or a charity?

Sunday, 22 August 2010

There's no business like show business.

I have, for as long as I can remember, been in love with the theatre. My Granddad took me to pantomines every year without fail and it has since progressed from there. I particularly love musicals because the audience becomes more involved. It makes the atmosphere much more electric, especially if they are west end shows!

I try to go as often as I can but west end theatre shows are pricey. I always manage to go a couple of times a year though. This week in London lots of theatre shows are putting on one off free performances to try and entice more people to fall in love with the theatre. So I want to share with you some of my favourite shows and, if you can, one day go and see them!

We Will Rock You - Ever heard of the British rock band Queen? Well this show is based on all their songs. We had front row seats and all I wanted to do was get up and dance with them. The script was cleverly written and their costumes were so eccentric! A must must must see!

Mamma Mia - I wish I had seen this before the movie came out because on stage it plays out exactly like the film so I knew what was coming. However, having the cast sing live was immense and made it so much better than the film. There were also some really funny one liners. We had front row seats for this as well and the orchestra were below us. I loved watching how they played their instruments. I developed a genuine appreciation for their talent.

The Sound of Music - Where do I start?! The Sound of Music is one of my all time favourite films and the stage version did not disappoint. We had really rubbish seats but I still really enjoyed it. The set was out of this world! The singing was beautiful and Connie Fisher who played Maria brought a real sense vulnerability to her character. This is one of very few shows I would see over and over again!

Hairspray - It is quite rare nowadays for modern musicals to be successful but this one is BRILLIANT!!! I know all the songs off by heart and one of my favourite aspects is that it based during the Civil Rights Movement which is one of my favourite parts of history. It has a really powerful message. You can be big and beautiful, you can be white and black, you can sing or you can dance but we are all equal in this life.

February 2010.

Grease - Need I say more? It is the most popular musical out there I think. I really enjoyed the stage version but think I preferred the film a little bit more. The film has more adventure and I guess it's more believable. Some of the scenes in the film are really hard to make authentic on stage but still a good watch!

The Lion King - I cried, I laughed and I cried some more! This was amazing and so brilliantly designed, acted and choreographed. The choir who sang all the background music were immensely talented. The way they designed the animals - wow! I have never had so much admiration for a show. It was more 'adult' than the Disney version but totally worth every penny. The whole team deserved the 10 minute standing ovation at the end.

Waiting for The Lion King - February 2007.

Dirty Dancing - I actually happened to see this on the day that Patrick Swayze passed away of  cancer. I have been so used to seeing musicals I kept expecting them break out into song but had to keep reminding myself it was a play. In saying that, I really enjoyed it. The cast got the audience involved in the finale and they read a dedication for Patrick Swayze at the end. I am quite happy to not see this again but would recommend it any Dirty Dancing fan!

Have any of you guys seen these? I really want to see Wicked, Sister Act and Priscilla Queen of the Desert (*cough* Laura, Ruth and Carolyn *cough*) next. They have had rave reviews!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Summer Holiday #1

I am off on holiday as of today. I fly out in 5 hours but just wanted to check-in. I am staying at my friends apartment and he has internet so I will be reading your blogs still. I have a post scheduled so my blog doesn't look too neglected.

In the mean time I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week and weekend. I will be enjoying the Spanish weather and 30 degree heat for seven days. I am so in need of this!

I can't wait to lie under a sky that looks like this all day :)

Take Care.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Summer 2010.

My summer has now officially started and I am over.the.moon. I have a couple of brilliant things to look forward to and I thought I would share them with you :)

I am officially a qualified nurse but I don't start my new job until October. I was offered to start in September but I really want to take some time out for a bit before venturing into full time PAID work.

I am currently working full time at my weekend job for ten days as signing onto the nursing board has eaten all my money. I never knew how much it would cost to just register and I haven't even started work yet. However, still so excited!!!

After working non-stop for ten days I am off to Spain for a week from 19-26 Aug. I am visiting one of my best friends, Oli. I only see him twice a year if that and I am really looking forward to spending time with him and being in the sunshine! Whilst I am over there it is the San Luis fiesta. The Spanish are very well known for their eccentric street parties and I am going to be there! The last couple of times I have seen Oli I have been stressed out due to the nursing course and being broke etc. So I am making up for lots of lost fun time. I am so keyed up to go!!!

Oli and I, December 2009.

Once I return I am back for 6 days before I go off on holiday again. 2 Sept - 9th Sept I am away in Portugal with two close girlfriends of mine Lotte and Laura. I have never been to Portugal before. I have made it a goal to try and go to new places. I am familiar with Greece and the Spanish islands as I have holidayed there all my life. I went to Turkey last year which was nice but really looking forward to Portugal!

Complex where I'm staying :)

After I come back I have to help my Mum finish organising my Gran's surprise 80th birthday party which is being held on the 18th September. We have a hotel conference room for afternoon tea and music. All my family will be there and I cannot wait to see her face! She recently had to have her Dog to put to sleep (she got him for companionship after my Granddad passed away) so we really want to make a fuss!

I have a couple of friend's birthdays as well to look forward to celebrating. But you know what I am looking to? Reading books that don't involve nursing, blood pressures, infections etc. I am looking forward to having lay-ins and not worrying what papers I have to turn in the next day. I am looking forward to not setting an alarm in the morning to wake up to. It's just the little things that will be a pleasure to forget about for 6 whole weeks!

Summer 2010 - I am in love with you already.

Also, I know I have already said this to her but I just want to congratulate my blog buddy Callie. She and her husband Derek are going to have a baby next March! I am so excited for them!!! Not only are they such a lovely pair but I know how much they have wanted this. Congratulations to both of them. I cannot wait to see them embark on this incredible journey! :)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

I'm a NURSE!

Three years ago I never thought I would see the day to type, speak or hear these words.

I'm a qualified Nurse!

Today I passed my degree with this amazing class.
BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing - Class 2010!

And I am so proud of myself and each one of them.

I have tears prickling my eyes as I type this. Today we were asked to say some words about our time at university and what it feels like to be with a nursing qualification. I want to share with you what I said (please note this was on a folded piece of scrap paper as I typically forgot and did it last minute but I mean every word).

"I look back now to my worries from my first day. I was worried I would not settle into university life and I did within weeks. I was worried that I would not be able to meet the workload and, even though it was tough. I achieved it. I was worried I would not make any friends and I have made friends for life. 

 I could not have achieved what I have without the unfailing support from my family, friends, my blogosphere buddies, mentors and all the inspiring nurses out there working. I am now at the end of a fantastic three years, and even though I am sad to be leaving I am also very eager to get started. It has been one heck of a journey but at the same time the best ride of my life. This is just the beginning for me and I cannot wait."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement, kind words and motivation.

Love, Staff Nurse Rebecca.
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