Monday, 21 June 2010

I shall go to the ball.

In just over a month it is my graduation ball. It is pretty ironic that the ball is next month but I don't officially graduate until next May. However, any excuse to have a great night celebrating something amazing like becoming a qualified nurse deserves a good dress :)

I have been searching high and low for a dress but 'the one' has not appeared. I thought I found the perfect dress the other day but Matthew Williamson decided to bring out a new collection and stop making it...apparently that happens a lot with top designers or something hehe.

I have to say I am not a fan of the dress trend this summer season. It is a lot is bandeau style or strapless dresses, both of which I am not a lover of. Below are some dresses I have picked out that I really like and would love your opinion. Before you go down and think "these are not really graduation ball dresses" my answer is "I know" - it is not going to be an over the top event. It's just a big party, not a prom (although I wish it was prom!). I think I will go all dressed up to my actual graduation ceremony.

My favourite pattern for clothes is Floral. Hence why I love this dress and the colours. I also like the neckline and hemming. I think I would make the belt more snazzy though.

Again another floral but what I love about this is you can add a lot of accessories with it. I really like the black embellishing as well.

I am just in love with this style. I adore the black neckline and the baby-doll puff to the skirt. I think the stencilling on the hemline is cute too.

I wish I was the model haha. I am really a fan of baby-doll dresses and I think the colour and skirt style is gorgeous. I also really like the charcoal ribbon waist. This is a Lipsy dress and it is at the top of my price range.

I think you can tell I love floral. I really like the sleeves and the slashed side waist. I do question whether it is a little short though.

So be honest, your my judging panel, what one do you like best?!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Post Dissertation Life.

As part of my degree I knew I had to do a dissertation at some point. I just did not realise until January this year how quickly that point would come round.

I really detest essay writing and I have had essay galore in this degree. My lecturers seem to like giving us really long essay questions of which half the words I do not understand let alone answer to. I digress. As part of my degree I had to complete a 15,000 worded dissertation on any interest of nursing. We were given subtitles as guides but a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g in we wanted to type about we could. I found that really daunting as I kept thinking I am going to choose a topic that is really obvious.

I decided to do it on patient handover in hospital shifts of which I know may be boring to some but it is something of high importance for me. It needs to be changed - simple as that :) However, even though we were given five months to complete it. It has been nothing but five months of stress, panic, awful nights sleep and really bad mood swings. My Mum even said to me once how lucky I am to have such understanding friends from the amount of times I snapped at them.

Thank you guys and girls :)

Anyway, this Wednesday I finally handed it in and I cried big happy Crocodile tears. It has been a real struggle to fit in the research, literature appraisals, typing, supervisor meetings, edits, 4cm margins, working 12 hours every weekend as well as 40 hours nursing placement in the week. I have been super tired and super miserable!

And you know what?! I would never choose to do it over again but I am proud of myself. I know that whatever mark I get for it, it is my best possible work.

I just want to fulfil my dream of being a Nurse and 15,000 words on patient handover was not going to stop me. I get the results and my degree classification on 5th August 2010. All I can do is cross all fingers and toes - really hard :) For now I am just enjoying post dissertation life YAY!

And to those of you that sent me messages on my really rubbish days - a heartfelt thank you.

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