Monday, 8 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #8

J'Adore Paris!

Today's blog challenge to talk about a place I have travelled to. The easiest one would be to talk about my recent trip to Portugal but I talked about that just last month. So instead I am going to talk about my trip to Paris.

One of my best friend's Kathryn and I decided we wanted to go to Paris in June 2008. Luckily, Paris is just a 3 hour Eurostar train ride away so we literally just went for the day. We did get up at 5am to leave and left quite late at night but it was still SO awesome.

I cannot begin to tell you what a romantic and beautiful city it was. It was just so different. We visited...

Notre Dam

The Eiffel Tower

Overlooked Paris from The Eiffel Tower.

Sunbathed in the Gardens outside the presidents house.

Took a boat trip along the Seine.

Just sat, talked and took in this magnificent city.

There were a few more things we would like to have seen and done but we can save that for next time =]. It was one of those moments when we got home and just turned to each other and said. "Can you believe we went to Paris and back today?"


Mere said... make me want to go there right this very second!!! GORGEOUS pics <3

Love, Mere

Callie Nicole said...

That would be so fun to be able to just up and go to Paris for the day!

Callie Nicole said...
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Callie Nicole said...
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a life of color said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! I hope I make it to Paris one day soon :)

ktjane said...

This would be the amazing thing about living in Europe! I can't imagine being able to take a day trip to Paris. The architecture alone would do me in! Thanks for sharing--

Jennie said...

How exciting. The only place I could go there and back in one day is Canada. And, I've been there more times than I can count.

Maybe some day I will travel. I think I've seen too many movies of foreigners being kidnapped. hahahha

myuncensoredlife said...

This is so awesome! I wish I could go to paris and back in a would probably take me a day just to fly there! :-)

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