Tuesday, 30 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #30

It's the last day of the blog challenge and I have REALLY enjoyed doing it. The last 30 days of posts have been ideas I have always wanted to post about just never got around to it. Since I had to change one of my blog day themes I had to add in a new one. I looked at some other 30 day blog challenges and I liked this one a lot since it happened last Friday.

Day 30: Share some very exciting news! And I do have some exciting news to share...

This lovely couple are having a baby!!!!

Sacha is one of my best friends and I could not stop SQUEALING when she told me. I am so HAPPY for Sacha and her fiancee Kevin!

This has been a very wanted baby. Kev and Sach have been together for 4 years and engaged for nearly two. Sacha found out a couple of years ago that she had some fertility problems and there was a high chance falling pregnant naturally would be hard. They decided to start trying and after a couple of years no success. Sacha was very down about it and we have had numerous conversations when she really believed becoming a mother would never be in her grasp. Then this summer, just gone, they decided to put the baby idea on hold and plan their wedding. They had it booked for next July 2011!

Well that wedding has been cancelled and brought forward to April because she is due to have their first baby next July instead!!!!! She announced it with Kevin when I went round for dinner last week. She said she had been feeling sick for some time but the idea of being pregnant was the last thing on her mind (after trying for 2 years she said it was impossible for the notion to be in her head). She thought she had some virus or bug...well it was a beautifully growing baby!!!!!

Isn't it funny how when you stop wishing or focussing on some things they can just happen and surprise you out of the blue?

I cannot tell you how excited I am for them. Kevin cannot wipe the smile off his face and Sacha is doing really well. She is paranoid something might happen but she will make a wonderful Mum. I cannot wait to meet, hold and smell baby Muckle! We are going to throw her a baby shower next spring after her wedding. You may remember I threw her an engagement BBQ in 2009 when Kevin proposed :). She is 10 weeks at the moment and everything looks in great shape. So please pray, hope and wish that everything goes swimmingly.

So next July I am meeting baby Caitlin or baby Luke....oh my days I am so happy. This baby is so loved already!


ktjane said...

I have so enjoyed our 30-Day Journey together! So glad I decided to come along. And congratulations on your very happy baby news! I know that a friend having a little one is so very exciting!

Kristen said...

HOW EXCITING! I remember when my best friend had her baby and I just felt it was so huge. We had been best friends since were five and there she was having a baby. I understand how you feel though, you must be thrilled especially as he/she has been long awaited!

Look forward to next July when he/she is born!

Alex(andra) said...

Yay for finishing the challenge!! And how freaking exciting about your friend! Ooh that's such an awesome story. :)

Anne said...

Aww, babies are so much fun! So happy for your friends!

Mere said...

Congrats!!! <3 That IS so EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mere

Holly said...

Congratulations to your friends, that's really exciting! :)

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