Saturday, 27 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #27

Day 27 - Pets.

My family are big animal lovers. We have had many guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils and hamsters over the years but we are a very feline family. I really love Dogs but I have grown up with Cats all my life. I think they are the most affectionate animals and I adore mine.

At the moment we have two black Cats called Appleby and Bramble. My Cat is Appleby and she just might be the ugliest but sweetest Cat I have ever had.

She knows when I feel poorly and keeps me company. She also does this when I am upset.

She can also be really disobedient. She has a thing about getting on work surfaces and jumping on Newspapers when your reading them.

She is very loveable though and I adore her. I also have a soft spot for my sister's Cat, Pie. He had a twin brother who sadly died as a Kitten called Mash (get it Pie + Mash hehe). When my sister moved out, Pie went with and I was so sad. I recently had to Cat sit him whilst my sister went on holiday. He is the biggest fur ball ever but oh so sweet and cuddly!

You'd think he was a fat monster but he is just full of fur and a nightmare to brush.

I think Pets are a must. I could not imagine my life without them.


Kristen said...

that ginger cat is the cutest thing i could eat him. I only have 2 hamsters. My son's choice not mine.

Holly said...

Aww! I think Appleby is adorable! She looks like a big furry black teddy bear!

Pie looks really cuddly too! I love cats!

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