Friday, 26 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #26

Day 26 - What are your weekend plans?!

I'm quite tickled that this post falls perfectly on a Friday before a weekend that I am so excited for! I have worked the past three weekends so it feels so nice to have one finally off.

Tomorrow I plan to be very lazy. I still have some quite a few Christmas presents to buy so I may venture into town and buy some more gifts.

On Sunday I am celebrating Tambra's 22nd birthday. Tambra and I are the only girls in our group of 8 so it can be hard to be girly with 6 other guys to hang out with (love them really!). When she decided a couple of weeks ago what she wanted to do I could not stop smiling.

We are seeing this film... the IMAX theatre in London!

I went to the IMAX last year when I saw 'A Christmas Carol' and it has to be one of the best cinema experiences ever. The screen is 20 metres high (that's nearly the height of five double-decker buses!) and 26 metres wide. I cannot wait to see one of my favourite movies this way. Happy Birthday Tambra!!!!

What are your weekend plans?

1 comment:

Anne said...

Have fun at the IMAX and enjoy your weekend off!

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