Wednesday, 24 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #24

Day 24 - Share with your readers the town you live in.  

I live in the county of Surrey and dwell in a medium-ish town of Woking. There are times I love living here and times I am not a fan...but it is home and like the saying goes it is where my upbringing and heart will always reside wherever I am. 

One of my favourite parts of Woking is that is has areas that are quite built up like the town centre.
The Peacocks Shopping Centre - It has everything!

The Ambassadors is our local cinema and theatre. I see a lot of shows here from the West End :)

But Woking also really surprises me because you can be driving/walking in the town centre and then all of a sudden be in such beautiful areas and surroundings.

Woking Common.

Virginia Waters and Lakes.

You just would not think they are about 5 minutes apart from each other. I really have the best of both worlds. Woking also has some history but it is most famous for this man.

 H.G Wells.

 He is the famous author who wrote 'The War of the Worlds.' We have a few buildings dedicated to him since he lived and wrote the book here.

Woking also has a famous house called 'Bleak House' where one of my favourite pre 1914 books was fully written. Charles Dickens resided in this building to write this novel and I drive past it everyday to get to work.

Unfortunately it has now turned into a museum/public house. The public house I was not too amused with. But the white part of the building is all the original.

My favourite part about Woking? Well it may sound rather silly but I am big fan of our train station. Woking is known as a mainline station which means it can take you to all the major the cities in the UK. London is just a 20 minute journey away so I feel very lucky I am not too far from the capital.

Woking station.

So in a nut shell Woking has everything I love and could need. It has shopping, country, entertainment, travel and history. I love where I live.


myuncensoredlife said...

I love this post!

Your little town is so cute!

I want to come visit :-)

Janet said...

I think I've told you before, but my husband Philip was born in Woking! His grandfather was a publican and owned a pub called "The Anchor", near the river Weigh (or something!!!)Our surname is Bragg - maybe you even know someone who used to go there many years ago! I would love to visit one too!

Stacie said...

I have been reading all of your daily posts. What a great challenge! I may try it sometime next year. Your town is lovely.

Holly said...

Your town is really cute, and very pretty! :D

I think I may have to do this 30 Day Blog Challenge next month!

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