Monday, 22 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #22

I am so pleased that this has come up in the challenge as I am so keen to share it with you.

Day 21 - share a website you enjoy or care deeply about.

In February this year I was approached by Race for Life to do some fund-raising for them and help raise awareness. I jumped at the chance to be apart of it.

Race for Life is a cancer charity for women. It is just like Relay for Life in the States where females do a run and raise money for Cancer research. I did Race for Life back in 2009 and loved every single minute of the process. I have seen first hand what the donations can achieve and it is amazing I assure you.

My sisters and I in June 2009. Race for Life.

So I want share with you the website and if your're ever free to check it out- and if you ever take part you will not regret it.

And here's the video I made from the day. Race for life - it's amazing!


ktjane said...

This looks like a great organization. I have been involved with Relay for Life in years past here. There are a couple of really big events in my area.

Kristen said...

A very worthwhile cause. I have done relay for life multiple times and it gets better and more fulfilling each time!

Anonymous said...

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