Saturday, 20 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #20

On day 20 (this challenge is going SO quickly!) I have to share my nicknames.

When I was a youngster my family nicknamed me "Boo Bum" because apparently I hated wearing nappies, trousers, skirts or anything on my bottom or legs. My Mum even said she was afraid to take me out sometimes in case I kicked up a fuss and stripped off. It is safe to say those days are long gone now!

As I have grown older the only nicknames I have are having my name shortened. The only person who calls me Rebecca are my parents. All my friends know me as Becca which I kind of prefer - doest sound as strict. I hate to be called Becky - it just sounds really childish and there was a girl I really despised at school with that name. So Rebecca or Becca is just fine :)

This is quite a short post today but what were or are your nicknames? I'd be interested to find out.


Kristen said...

My dad always called me Pee Wee when I grew up and he still calls me that.

Stacie said...

I never really had any funny nicknames. A lot of close friends and family will call me "Stace" and just shorten the name to one syllable.

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