Tuesday, 2 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #2

Day 2 of the blog challenge is...the meaning behind your blog name.

Making Memories

It was pretty simple to come up with a blog name as I wanted my blog to be filled with my memories and future ones. So I wanted my blog name to reflect that, hence making memories. I also want my blog to be a time capsule and something to reflect on in years to come. It was a little hard to come up with a subtext to go with it though. 

Let the sun illuminate the words you cannot find for we are all unwritten.

You may have heard it from the Natasha Bedingfield song Unwritten (Also The Hills opening credits tune). I chose that because I love the meaning behind her song and it relates to how I live my life. I treat my life like a blank canvas or an empty book. I form the chapters. I try and scribble parts out. I write my life in a "philosophical" sense...but there is always a part of us that is unwritten, where we don't know what might happen next and where the empty pages will someday be filled.

But I try to fill this current chapter with the help of my blog and that's how the meaning for my blog name and creation came about.


Kristen said...

I think your blog name is so simple and effective. Life really is about filling it with memories and putting colour on the blank pages.

Mere said...

I love your blog name and that song ROCKS MY WORLD!! Totally perfect for you :)

Love, Mere

Anonymous said...

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