Tuesday, 16 November 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: #16

In today's post I am meant to share something I am OCD about. There isn't a lot I am OCD about but there is one thing that comes to mind. Whether people think it relates to OCD-ness I don't know.

Time management.

I hate to be late. I hate people being late to me. I have to juggle things perfectly. This nursing has certainly got me in a tizz as I have to manage my time so well even when manically busy. I get very easily frustrated when time is not on my side. When I know I have to be somewhere at a certain time I make sure I leave ample time.

No joke a couple of weeks ago I had to be somewhere at 9am and I left my house at half seven even though it was a 15 minute drive. I just have 'what if?' running through my head the whole time. Then when I have an hour with nothing to do I just think "well I could have left about 45 minutes later then."

I panic when I think I am going to be late for an appointment or when I think I won't be able to fit my work load in the time allocated.

I am really OCD about people being late for me. I not only think it is really rude (unless there is a very good excuse :) but it is just polite. My best friend is a notorious late person. I just think if someone has the courtesy to be on time for you why cant they be like that also? It's like it has to be an in-built thing I will never understand.

So yeah my OCD thing? Time management. I like time and lots of it. Who doesn't?


Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you. I hate people being late and I get really antsy when I am running late for something! Good post!!!

Andhari said...

I try to be on time every time, especially work related but in here in a more social circumstances, when people say let's meet for coffee at 10, they usually show up at 10.30 :p

a life of color said...

One of my biggest pet peeves it lateness as well. I HATE IT. I love being on time every where I go and whn I am waiting on someone to come pick me up I want them to be on time as well. I hate waiting around. I feel your pain on this one.

Stacie said...

You know, I am all about time management at work, too, because you have to be when you are a nurse to get anything done in between the tasks that are already "timed." But at home... I procrastinate. I always have. I do get to places on time, though, if not a little early.

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